Cards for Insight: Work

In a network, work and generativity.

In a network, God is a Twinkie and your sharing may vary.

Card: Intention
In a network, intention, generativity,
cadence, continuity and movement.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Unfolding Wholeness
Movement, continuity, cadence,
generativity and intention.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Situational Awareness
Understanding how we are
always “in a network”.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Review
Intentionality co-evolving
with generativity in a
context of life and signs.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Cadence
A sequence of
notes or chords.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Generativity
A quality of a complex adaptive living system
from which its participants draws independent
and interdependent abilities to create, generate
or produce new content, contexts, intentionality,
meaning, impact and value unique to that system.

“The concept of openness, together with the concepts of
retroaction, generativity, and aleatory character, allows
the formulation of the thesis according to which no objects
exist separately from their observers and the surrounding
environment. There are only aleatory events emerging
from complex systemic interactions.”
Roberta Lanfredini

Cards for Insight: Generative Review
The generative review of intention is networking. In a network,
there is no such thing as an “other”. If you are “in” a network,
it is impossible to remain separate from it at the same time.

The generative review of networking is intelligence turned ability to
relate, reflect, reveal, reframe, rethink, retool and respond.

“turned” = knowledge

The generative review of respond is flow.
Flow in general and knowledge flow in particular.

Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge
Now that the facts aren’t the facts, experts are everywhere, and
the smartest person in the room is the room.
David Weinberger

“We are in a crisis of knowledge.”
— David Weinberger

Cards for Insight: Movement
The generative review of knowledge is movement.
Movement in general and unmuddling in particular.
The generative review of the room in general and room
for understanding in particular is small group genius.

Card: Movement*
Review, story, path, moves,
tasks and generative review.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Question
A question is mind rediscovering
the generative nature of relating
with reality and transforming it
into possibility.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Cards
When combined with a play^n disposition,
cards augment our intelligence, improving
our questions, play, paths and outcomes.

Cards for Insight: Affordances
Cards are affordances. Chunks of information, forming large finite sets, cards help weave human ingenuity with knowledge mapping conducive to knowledge flow, evolving social collective intelligence computing in information ecologies, where networks of curators and other participants homestead social social media and coordinate human efforts using different social machines.

Cards for Insight: Framing and Reframing
Card decks are frames. Card sessions are 103% about small group genius.

“Trust movement.”
— Alfred Adler

Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory
Trebor Scholz, ed

What does it mean to be a digital worker today? The Internet has become
a simple-to-join, anyone-can-play system where the sites and practices of
work and play increasingly wield people as a resource for economic
amelioration by a handful of oligarchic owners.
Social life on the Internet has become the “standing reserve,” the site for
the creation of value through ever more inscrutable channels of commercial surveillance. This inquiry has important ramifications for struggles around privacy, intellectual property rights, youth culture, and media literacy.

Cards for Insight: Play^n

“Play is a cultural activity through which a society
frames itself. Play is an expressive and/or narrative
activity to construct collective and cultural identity.
Play allows people to create and recreate cultural
identity in light of their reality.”
Johan Roos

Cards for Insight: Workflow
In a network, intention, generativity, cadence, continuity and movement.

flow = structure x process

“x” = patterning in general and shared understanding in particular

Mastering the Art of the Ask

“Now, I believe the edge of the craft, at this point, lies in finding ways to enable participants to get really sharp about how they present themselves to each other. I’m sorry, but smiles and name tags just don’t cut it.
My strong sense is that intent is the most important thing that “creatives on a mission” need to convey to each other in order to connect meaningfully. This is followed closely by what they are able to offer and what pieces they are missing to make progress on their particular quests.
In my opinion, mastering the “Art of the Ask” is key to pulling off any project that requires more than one person’s contribution. It basically boils down to
- getting crystal-clear about your intent
- imagining what conditions need to be created for its manifestation to happen
- knowing how to ask in a way that makes other people care and help create those conditions.”
— Seb Paquet


Cards for Insight: Work and Generativity
Movement as a generative sequence: unfolding paths, paths made by walking, luminous paths made by joint sauntering, transition pathways, knowledge journeys through the Waste Land of Grand Theft Data. A generative, structure-evolving transformation sequence, which also doubles as a 3x3 Card Session Board.

1. Review
Questions. Instigating questions. Generative, knowledge evolving questions.

2. Play^n: f(E)
Engagement: Eudaimonia, Economics, Ecosystemics, Evolution, Enkinaesthesia.

A play^n disposition, is a disposition that can be meaningfully applied to any and all of the steps in a generative sequence, including returning to purpose and/or recurse through any of the other steps, linearly and/or non-linearly.

3. Story
Learning into aliveness (me) and unfolding wholeness (we). That’s 103% of the story. Is there any other story? No.

4. Tasks
Trust movement. Divest from the suspicion part of your negotiated self-interest. Add a small drop of meraki, to whatever you do.

5. Game^n
A mix of phronesis, ingenuity and conviviality. Holding a generative space for a requisite variety of paths between situational awareness and problem spaces turned possibility spaces.

6. Generative Review: f(RoE)
RoE: Return on Engagement. Return on Engagement is a superset to Game Theory. Game Theory is to Win, what RoE is to Win^n.

7. Win^n
Preferable outcomes, in a context of synkinaesthesia f(behavior turned agency), in service to evolutionary purpose. One trillion trees, one million villages and one thousand eco-cities in service to seven generations to come.

8. Small Group Genius
Small group genius is to virtue, what preferable outcome is to path. Luminous paths made by joint sauntering.

9. Functions and Anticipatory Systems
Eg f(E): a function of engagement, and f(RoE): a function of return on engagement. Over time, pursuing what’s functional creates path and virtue; virtue and path: f(center, vector). Functional (knowledge) flows in a context of anticipatory systems intelligence turned ability.

Cards for Insight: Map cards and moves to spheroid spirals
From 9. Functions back to 1. Review, forming circles, cycles, spirals and spheroid spirals, weaving between situational awareness and preferable outcomes. (diagram)

— How? How would we know?
— Flow. Flow is how you know.

Cards for Insight: What, why, whereto, when, where and how
Once you’ve experienced your flow related to learning into aliveness, you can turn your knowledge into unfolding your path, by asking what, why, whereto, when, where and how.

Reach beyond personal ken grasp.

“Too big to know.”
— David Weinberger

In a network, we play^n to win^n. We enact immersive spaces, which enable different, virtuereal tracings in return. Sign-use conducive to adjacent possibles.

Metaphors and analogies, analogies and metaphors. Metaphors; Way Stations, Social Webs, Moneyball, combined with analogies.

Card: Way Station
Individual, small group genius and networked
agency participation, with circles of continuity,
connectivity and novelty in between, where
transitions matter as much as the end destination.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Analogy
Human cognition is to concepts what human
evolution is to generative questions.

“Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability,
which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.”
— Alfred North Whitehead

Ichigo ichie: one moment, one lifetime opportunity.

Card: Ichigo Ichie
God is a black woman. God is a little boy.
God is eight billion human beings, being
human. God is a small bluegreen corner
teeming with life. God is the vast expanse
we call space. God is void clear light.
God is ever present. God is the moment
of presence. God is Ichigo Ichie: one
meeting, one opportunity. God is just a
word and your twinkies may vary.


Card: Where
In a network.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Understanding
What if understanding is our
ability to hold space for the
possibility of knowledge, as
it emerges, unfolds, directs
and discloses its relevance
to unexplored aspects of
things known?


— How? How would we know?
— Flow. Flow is how you know.

Cards for Insight: Generative Questions
In a network, we can hold space for different questions, including becoming more aware of our own troubled proprietary platform behavior, our complicity with social graphs perverted by content marketing and grand theft data.
From our attention turned situational awareness we can then pursue different lines of inquiry, out of which a different digital discourse, eventually taking place in and homesteading different social webs.

Cards for Insight: Famished Last Words
Is it at all possible to understand any of this in splendid individual isolation? No. Are we given opportunities to help each other figuring these things out? Yes. How? By sharing our stories and by holding space for others and by listening to others, sharing theirs.

— Get it?
— Got it!
— Good.

— So?
— So what?
— Are you going to hog that twinkie or what?



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