Societal Reimagination: Play^n

Societal innovation in a context of play and play^n.

Societal Innovation: Structures
Societal innovation in a context of people, tribes, institutions, markets, networks, actants and individuals wisely wielding evolutionary agency.

Societal Innovation: Processes
Societal innovation in a context of collaboration, cooperation, coordination and community, in service to ecologies and seven generations.

Flow = Process x Structure

Flow = Process x Structure

“=” : Living Systems and Systems Intelligence

“x” : Patterning, patterns of play, interaction, play^n and relationship

Societal Innovation: Stewardship
Societal innovation in a context of

  • attention turned situational awareness
  • will turned flow
  • a requisite variety of paths co-extending, unfolding and co-evolving with transition pathways
  • intelligence turned ability turned stewardship at scope, scene, scenius and scale
  • behavior turned agency turned social, networked, societal, imagineering and evolutionary agency

Societal Innovation: One Million Villages
Societal innovation in a context of

  • one trillion trees
  • one million villages
  • one thousand eco-cities
  • 8bn human beings becoming human
  • seven generations
  • one planet

Societal Innovation: Reimagination

POODLE: Perceive, Observe, Orient, Design(7D), Learn and Enact

Applying convivial OODA supersets and multi-order cybernetics to a smorgasbord of literacies: learning into aliveness, enacting social social media and learning to see.

The Shu Ha Ri of Project Management

1. Shu: School of Hard Knocks

Doing things. Surveys and Gantt Charts as blunt instruments. Managing as taking hostages in order to getting things done.

2. Ha: Projects as if by Design

Doing gatherings. Although Jorge Luis Borges applies, more often than most of us think. Managing as systems governance.

3. Ri: The Art of the Possible

Doing thinks. The Pursuit of the Adjacent Possible Possibility Space. Managing as understanding preferable outcomes.



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