Societal Reimagination: Dopamine

All members, young and old, humans and heptapods, fellow un-muddlerers, all most welcome!

Add considered, considerate comments on other peoples post.

That’s the one and only rule in here, this here post, as well as over there, in Conversations that Mind and Matter, a small abode in the outskirts of the Social Cognition Abattoir compound.

The Like Button

The like button is not connected to anything in here (in this post, in CMM), so, if you could go easy on the like button on the posts, that’d be great. You can however, click the like button on comments. People appreciate that. After a few of those, you can go to a private chat and say hi, and who knows, maybe that’s a stranger turned friend.

Like Button Clicking and Like Button Clicking

Just to be very clear, there’s Like Button Clicking, aka you letting me and everyone else know you’re here, reading and appreciating.

And, there’s Like Button Clicking, to the near exclusion of reading, aka hedging across your one hundred groups, streams twitter-lists, instapounces and whatnots.

Humans appreciating other humans.

Humans hedging other humans, turning them objects.

In a network, the network is the innovation.

Behavior -> Agency -> Social Agency -> Networked Agency
In a network, the networked agency is a function of how we coordinate our shared understanding, contextual intelligence and joint efforts, in something commonly referred to as comment threads.

Generative Review
Slightly outside of your personal muddling through comfort zone, the generative review of networked agency, is circles.

Circles of Concern, Influence, Confluence & Concrescence
After having done this for a number of years, I have now more friends than I know what to do with, so I’ve decided to sell you all off to medical science. (Bonus points if you know the movie I stole that from).

All Together Now

1. Review
Less dopamine addled like button clicking, moar human mutuality. Thank you for understanding.

42. Story
Extending select, choice parts of your unique, essential character, small moves in synthesis, selfhood and service to evolutionary purposes.

There’s a card in the Understanding Deck, called Story.

3. Tasks
Tribal violence, institutionalised inertia, market greed and network evolution.

We play^n to win^n.

4. Generative Review
Circles and boundary management, boundary management and circles turned spirals. Anticipatory systems.

5. Path
The emergent, unfolding, cultivating and evolving path made by joint sauntering.

Interspersed with such vibrant life and signs, co-extensive, co-extending, concrescencing and co-evolving, we spiral through these five, turning generative sequences into structure-preserving transformations, in growing recognition of how the nature of reality is transactional.

“The nature of reality is transactional.”
— Alan Watts

Different digital discourse, at oblique angles to the Social Cognition Abattoir.



Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.