Reframing Things, episode 105: Transition

Cards for Insight: Helping you reflect, reframe and play

In a network, situational awareness, transition pathways and preferable outcomes.

One hundred generative questions to change ourselves and co-create a better future

Cards catalyzing insights relevant to addressing our transition.

Card: Understanding

In a network, participation is the organizing principle and knowledge flow, the practice.

The full set of transition pathway questions is around 7k cards.
Let’s start with a smaller set, with around one hundred generative questions.

If you look at the title of the post, you’ll notice there’s a “105”. There’s 107 more. Picking three cards out of 108, will give you around 200k different card sessions. Online communities, forming seeds and hubs, forming networks of interest, play and practice.

Resolving wicked problems: A generative sequence
reflect, reframe, rethink, play, enact

Mapping these sessions to transition pathway strategies and existing coordination of human effort, means we can address our transition, at card session generative questions and insight and at social machine scale. Turning problem spaces into cones of adjacent possibles.

Card sessions turned knowledge artifacts, roped paths to preferable outcomes.


All the 108 posts, questions and cards can be found here.

Value proposition: A wise playground
A requisite variety and number of online card sessions. After one year and a few thousand online community members having participated in a large enough number of card sessions, chances are, the chat meta-tag algorithms and the modular process ontology will have gone through enough training in order to function as a social machine. This is the value proposition. The trained set can then via pattern language translation be offered to any other online community or network of practice, in need of tools for (social cognition) thought at social machine scale.

Web 4
One of the underlying claims here, relates to web 4. Web 4 is web 3, repurposed in a context of coordination of human effort. The value evolution of the web, Web 1, 2, 3 and Web 4, is how the web in general and the social web in particular is evolving, more than one billion human beings playing finite and infinite games.

My take on all this is cards. Cards, card decks and sessions, finite set of cards augmenting our web-extended social cognition and our networked coordination of human effort. It’s a similar claim to most social media platforms, with the notable difference of individual and small group genius data, information and knowledge ownership and stewardship, rather than the grand theft data of proprietary platforms.

Card: Web 4

Web 4 is web 3, repurposed in a context of coordination of human effort.

Social social media, forming a social web
A wise playground, rather than farming users attention. Participants playing cards, stewarding and evolving a large finite set, modular process ontology: a scalable social machine, a knowledge market and commons, a social cognition homesteading, social media turned social social media.

social social media = social media x social cognition

“x” = patterning

  • flow: social social media (social web)
  • structure: social media (existing proprietary platform structures)
  • process: social cognition (rekindled)

flow = structure x process

applied to transition pathways

preferable outcomes = situational awareness x transition pathways

103% of the value proposition in this post, is providing an approach including one hundred generative questions to change ourselves and co-create a better future. You and other online community and card session participants, bringing individual ingenuity and small group genius, turning social collective intelligence into questions, insight, alignment and movement. Out of which, transition pathways facilitated by intelligence turned ability.

“Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability,
which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.”
— Alfred North Whitehead

Card: Social Cognition

Flow resides alive and well just outside our personal ken comfort zone.

A significant part of the patterning is geared to forming a social machine dialogue, where the modular process ontology help augment our chats, our card sessions, our dashboards and our card sessions, with sessions turned knowledge artifacts and cards, decks and artifacts fitted with token metalayers.

Transition pathway intelligence turned ability
The rest of the larger 7k set is for added nuance and more expansive problem/ possibility spaces, provided by social machine and modular knowledge repository designs and affordances. Nuance can be seen and understood as providing room inside an online place, for almost any which question related to our transition pathways. Modular means a large number of small group genius card sessions, can each one address one particular part of the whole transition pathways gestalt.

Card sessions cultivating knowledge flows, mapping to transition pathways.

Here Comes The Flood
Drink up, dreamers…

This is the only core challenge:

behavior -> understanding understanding -> agency

Behavior: User
Proprietary platforms farming users attention. Our seeming inability and/or unwillingness to address our transition pathway concerns. Our reluctance to befriend our own subconscious.

Understanding understanding
Play^n, instigation and game^n, multi-order (design) cybernetics.

Agency: Participant
Card session participants, attention turned situational awareness, will turned knowledge flow. Games seen, understood, participated in and derived insight and knowledge from, as the art of agency. A working, vibrant, evolving handshake protocol between our conscious and subconscious. Turtles seeing ourselves all the way through.

Card: Play^n

Play^n: Instigating our seeing ourselves through.

Cultural evolution, societal re-imagination magic and the ability to wield intelligence in service to shaping our futures for seven generations to come, resides outside our personal ken comfort zones.

Patterns of Play^n
Patterns of play and play^n is to enkinaesthesia, what culture is to community. Enkinaesthesia is a superset to community. Community is the answer to all the 200k possible three-card card sessions. Enkinaesthesia is the larger answer, in response to the necessary and sufficient novelty of transition, helping each other reach beyond our personal ken grasp.
Synkinaesthesia is to vector, what enkinaesthesia is to field.

Card: Synkinaesthesia
Mind, evolving.

Synkinaesthesia is to vector what enkinaesthesia is to field.

Once you’ve encountered the flood, once you’ve had a brief experience of a wash over your mind, the answer is simple: community. Paths made by walking in service to something larger than yourself, a joint sauntering turning a requisite variety of paths into luminous transition pathways.

Transition Pathways: Pursuing different questions
We haven’t got the questions yet. This post touches on a large finite set pattern, pattern language, a large, finite, modular process ontology that can be fitted with a large finite subset questions, with a related large finite subset, turned cards.

Cards catalyzing insights relevant to addressing our transition.

Cards for Insight
Addressing your questions. Helping you reflect, reframe, rethink, play and enact.

Cards are decision quality, possibility space and generative sequence affordances. Card decks are frames. Card sessions can be turned into knowledge artifacts. Cards, decks and sessions can be fitted with token meta-layers, enabling questions, conversations, insights and transaction in a knowledge commons, at social machine computing and scale.

Card Sessions: Q&U

1. You gather a small group around a question.

2. You pick cards from a relevant deck.

3. You converse and jot down insights.

4. You conclude by turning the session into a knowledge artifact.

Card: Question

How would we know? Flow. Flow is how we know.

Card: Understanding

Shared understanding is the stopping rule.

Q&U: Questions & Understanding

Conversations that Mind, Cultivate and Matter: The “&”
Mind, cultivate and matter here seen as three proactive, presencing verbs. Conversations is not ordinary chat, but rather a chat weaving between intelligence and ideas, between ability and need.

Card: Need

Signal processing: Need is that which anneals the noise of want into signal.

Embracing the swing of thinks, things and gatherings. Synkinaesthesia is to vector, what enkinaesthesia is to field. Enacting an enkinaesthetic field, holding a generative space for different chat, where we invite small group genius, addressing our possibility spaces and our transition pathways, seeing ourselves through.

The Swing Of Things
Our individual mind is the child, the swing is our exploring the world, the swing is anchored up, via narratives, to the implicate order.

Below, our every synchronous, synchronistic movement, forming part, parcel, parsing and participatory inquiry of our childlike enjoying each and every serendipituous scenery: a smorgasbord of emotion — joy, awe, abundance.

Synkinaesthesia is to vector what enkinaesthesia is to field.


Experiences, attention turned situational awareness of our finding ourselves in the swing of things, inciting and inviting our essential character to unfold along evolutionary purposes guided by our proprioception of thought.

Synkinaesthesia is to vector what enkinaesthesia is to field. Both are 103% about mind, evolving with evolutionary agency.

the difference between
how nature thinks and
how people work

Swings, arrows and options turned possible building blocks: questions, cards, tokens, boundary objects and knowledge artifacts, providing roped paths and knowledge flow spheroid spiraling, moving toward a distant plenitude — an ongoing patterning, re-aligning. Patterning: dreaming ourselves aware, learning into aliveness, unfolding wholeness.

Cultivating knowledge flows. In chat, leveraged in card sessions, stewarded in dashboards, augmented by curating modular knowledge repositories.

knowledge flow = language x conversations

“x” = patterning

Cultivation: “^n”
Cultivation, applied in a context of supersets: “^n”. In a network, participation is the organizing principle. Mind is play^n, cultivation is game^n and one million resilient, vibrant villages is win^n.

One trillion trees, one million villages, one thousand eco-cities and a social social media, a social cognition homesteading of different social machines, cards, tokens and affordances designed conducive to coordination of human effort.

Understanding how to shape and steward our futures.

If we develop our collective imagination as if it is our core 21C Literacy, we will make it. Otherwise we will not.

We made it?

—What happened?

—We happened.

[ … your move …]



Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.