Reframing Things: A More Karass Discourse

We lost faith in our narratives and media aren’t exactly helping.

your small,
moves, steps
and thinks

Yes. We’ve been fed bad narratives, narratives that have gone beyond their expiry dates, narratives that are beginning to smell funky. And I don’t mean funky in the good sense.

Card Decks can be seen, understood and applied as frames: framing and reframing things.

Discourse: What Happened?
We didn’t happen. We lost the plot.

What is happening?
Our discourse is going down, that’s what’s happening. It is being dragged down by forces interested in dragging it down to a level corresponding to how they think of us plebs and other miscreants.

But wait, it’s worse!
It’s not just dragged down, it’s imploding from unwillingness to read. Without shared context, there is no discourse whatsoever. We need to reclaim deep, rich context, inside which we could even bitterly disagree, yet remain friends. Fancy that, eh?

Because deep connection, regardless of seeming surface differences.

- But, shitposting is my favorite thing though?!

Posting shit and feeling good and bad about yourself for posting shit, is a coping pattern. Consider upgrading to human. Consider mind.

Mind. <- seen, understood and applied as a proactive, presencing verb.

Just because God gave you a neocortex is no excuse for not using it.

You better free your mind, instead…

… consider:

Adding a considered, considerate post, tweet, comment, response, insight, actionable insight, option, next step, link to a helpful resource, weaving seemingly separate things together — all these are revolutionary acts (given that we all have let things get so bad) and, evolutionary acts.

What’s evolutionary acts, Precious?
It’s when you don’t kill Gollum before the narrative arc has run its full course. It’s when you keep your fingers away from the keyboard, as they are about to hammer out something that adds less than zero value to what’s going on. While you’re at it, keep your fingers away from the like button. It rots your social cognition. You’re gonna need your social cognition, because other people, people turning human…

The cards you’ve been dealt, considered in light of process and reality.

What’s Going On?

Three answers:
1. Lots, and I can’t be bothered! That’s a cop-out. Please update your signal processing filters.

2. It depends. That’s more like it! What would you like to happen?

3. I’m doing my thing. That’s the spirit, and I like you already. Now, what options would be available, should we coordinate our doing our things?

Are you going to happen? Do you need a sign? The Orange Zombie Clown with Nuclear Launch Codes, that wasn’t enough of a sign for you? Are you holding out for the Demise and Ecocide of the Whole Human Species? The Grand Finale?

Then What?
Once you are comfortably stupid and dead, what then?

Think about it, take as long as you need…

Done? Excellent! Here we go:

Granfalloon -> Karass

“A granfalloon, in the fictional religion of Bokononism (created by Kurt Vonnegut in his 1963 novel Cat’s Cradle), is defined as a “false karass”. That is, it is a group of people who affect a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is meaningless.”


“A group of people linked in a cosmically significant manner, even when superficial linkages are not evident.”

Cards added to the Board, so the Session AI can help.

Smorgasbord of Thinks, Things and Gatherings

Karass, forming part of the John Kellden Smorgasbord of Things:

- One Trillion Trees
- One Million Villages
- Eight Billion Humans
- Lots of other living beings on Gaia, and Gaia herself
- One Thousand Eco-cities
- Seven Generations
- 300k Human Beings Becoming Humans (the seekrit kabal)
- The Happy Descent, the Externalization of the Noosphere
- Pickled Herring
- Coffee from freshly ground beans and homemade cinnamon rolls
- A requisite variety of Karasses, Karassing about, roaming Bokononia, wild and free
- Lots and lots of events, where human becoming forms part of holding space for a requisite variety of paths, between situational awareness and preferable outcomes


“I seem to be a verb.”
— Buckminster Fuller

We seem to be strange loops?

That’s it. That’s the discourse, right here. Now, go Git. No, seriously, add your own story, your unique part of the Karass, already.

What’s Preferable Outcomes, Precious?

One trillion trees, one million villages, seven generations.


your small,
moves, steps
and thinks

What approach, what premise? Here you go:

Cards considered in light of questions.

Card Sessions: Worthwhile Dilemmas

Objective: Discourse

What Karass qualities can we cultivate in order to rekindle and re-vitalize human discourse?

Card Sessions:
Consider cards in light of questions.

Card: Premise

A healthy, resilient civilization emerges,

unfolds and evolves in accordance to

life and signs: interactions, conversations,

place and transactions in a context of

understanding, stewarding and forming

a requisite variety of one trillion trees,

one million villages, one thousand eco-

cities and a plenitude of communities,

which then form a seven-generation

premise for societies, balancing the

collective responsibilities of governments

in the public sector with the commercial

interests of business in the private sector

and the communal concerns of citizens

in the plural sector with the unalienable

rights of all living beings and ecosystems

on planet Earth.

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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