Participatory Inquiry, episode 71: 8 bn

John Kellden
2 min readMay 5, 2017

“In a network, in transition, people are tracing
new stigmergic paths towards human.”


You, me and soon 8 bn others. What to do with all the others? What if there is no such thing, as other? What if we share breadcrumbs? What if we follow them?

Foragers responding to other ants
“Foragers of leafcutter ant colonies respond to the speed and efficiency of other ants by varying leaf loads in size and weight.”

To The Naming, Rekindling Ones

- We made it.
- What happened?
- We happened.

Good To Say
“For instance, while stringing a fence with two Apache cowboys, Basso noticed one of them talking quietly to himself. When he listened more closely, Basso discovered that the man was reciting a long series of place-names — ‘punctuated only by spurts of tobacco juice’ — that went on for almost ten minutes.
Later, when Basso asked him what he’d been doing, the man replied that he often ‘talked names’ to himself. ‘I like to,’ he told the anthropologist. ‘I ride that way in my mind.’ ”

David Abram

In our naming others, we rekindle
their essential character.

Today is a good day to forget all about those names that kept us apart, and remember all those names that we are becoming. There’s 8bn names, and all those names are good to say.

Participatory Inquiry, episode 71: 8 bn

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