Life After Corona, episode 43: Turkish Movie with Happy Ending

John Kellden
1 min readApr 13, 2020


What is Life, compared to this?

2020 Mar 13
April is going to be brutal.

Life: 0.003% Turkish Movie with Happy Ending

2020 Apr 13

Abbas Kendar :
…and most disaster movies are based in the US!

life imitates art…

John Kellden :
Ouch! This is true!

But it’s a horror movie, right?

All the people who are, like…

…hey, everyone, Spring Break!

…and we who are watching are like:

- Nooooo!

John Kellden :
Or, maybe:

- Disaster movie, 37%
- Horror movie, 23%
- Turkish movie with happy ending, 0.003%
- …

Abbas Kendar :
When the heroic Morgan Freemen, Danny Glover and Bill Pullman are nowhere to be found to save the day with rolledup sleeves, it truly turns into a horror movie.

Walking right into maiming mayhem.

Thank You For Flying Corona Air. Have a wonderful rest of your life.



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