Experience & Virtuereality, episode 33: Consciousness

“In a network, in transition, returning to our bluegreen corner: code, centers and aliveness; aliveness, centers and code.”

Awakening to a different experience
In our transition to a working handing over the societal keys to our children and grand-children, we need to return to becoming intensely human, rekindle inter-being and surrender to being.

Review, Story, Tasks & Generative Review
Once we do, zen of small tasks to the best of our intelligence turned ability, until we rediscover our true measure.

Turning increasingly alive
An aligning of who, why, what and how, out of which an emergent whereto, in which direction we turn increasingly alive.

Seeds unfolding their potential
A seed turns into flourishing, out of unfolding its potential. A human can turn behavior into agency, attention into situational awareness, will into flow and intelligence into ability.

Intersect of ability and agency
The intersect of your ability and agency, is co-extensive with your possibility space, through which your evolutionary trajectory beckons and unfolds.

awakening to a different experience

As of 2018, we are finding ourselves hitting ourselves, others and the snooze and like buttons, with occasional glimpses of awakening, awakening to a different experience, finding ourselves in a different place.


“A multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being. It is political due to the nature of place identity.

Placemaking is both a process and a philosophy that makes use of urban design principles. It can be either official and government led, or community driven grass roots tactical urbanism, such as extending sidewalks with chalk, paint, and planters, or open streets events such as Bogotá, Colombia’s Ciclovía.

Good placemaking makes use of underutilized space to enhance the urban experience at the pedestrian scale to build habits of locals.”

“Did you think you’d escaped from routine
By changing the script and the scene?
Despite all you made of it
you’re always afraid of the change.”
— Peter Gabriel

Participatory Inquiry
Individual, group, scene, place, societal and collective intelligence and ability— all interdependent. Questions and intensely human boid rules, co-evolving. Lines of inquiry intertwining with newfound evolutionary trajectories, our inquiries augmented by increasingly win-win-win code.

me: play, we: people, place: planet

Participatory Inquiry: Planet, People, Play
In both our analog(local, f2f) and digital(global, networked) discourse in general and in many emerging, evolving new tribes and digital places, one of them the Conversation Community, there’s three essential qualities forming one strategic, win-win-win possible outcome.

A purpose, if you will. A purpose, writ participatory.

me: eudaimonia: play
we: economy: people
place: ecosystemics: planet

Eudaimonia: Learning how to play really well together with others
Attention turned situational awareness, responsibility and response-ability, individual will turned flow. Learning how to play really well together with others.

Economy: The wise wielding of scarce resources
Our wise wielding of scarce resources: attention, will, intelligence and behavior, turning intelligent means into convivial, win^n ends.

Aliveness is a function of signs and life, co-extending. Negotiated self-interest at all levels of nested holarchies, evolving along evolutionary trajectories.

How do I pursue happiness? How do I pursue eudaimonia? How do I level up my game, level up to win-win-win?

Movement, trust; trust, movement
How do I move and evolve through my contentment, my denial and confusion, how do I embrace renewal? How do I engage in dialogue, in metalogue, in considered, considerate, cooperative, convivial conversations that mind and matter?

- Why “mind and matter”?
- Because value.


Individual will turned flow, circles of concern, influence and confluence. Intelligence turning ability and performance. Symmathesy: learning how to learn really well together with others.

circles of concern, influence and confluence

Will robots and algorithms take away all our jobs and half the economy?

We have twenty years. We need to start doing things differently now. To the best of everyones ability. Circles of concern, influence and confluence, coordinating necessary and sufficient individual and collective effort.

Will we learn how to take good care of the part of the planet where we live?

coordination of necessary effort

Will we leave good enough ecosystems for our children and grandchildren,
seven generations to come?

Our becoming, interbeing and being, is all about surrendering to spirit having a unique, sacred, temporal and embodied experience.

Code, centers and aliveness
As part of our aliveness instruction manual, there’s seven centers, localizations of consciousness in our individual bodies.

Throughout our human and societal evolution, there’s also code: language, through which we are attempting to share our insights with others


with what signal processing: synthesis, sovereign and social selfhood and with what service.

share our insights with others, making a lasting difference

Recently, there’s also new disciplines: biosemiotics, ecosystemics, permaculture, where we are learning to become good enough stewards, of ourselves, others and the small bluegreen corner we call home.


“According to this system, there are seven centers, called chakras or padmas (lotuses), which have fairly definite localizations in the body. They are, as it were, psychic localizations, and the higher ones correspond to the historical localizations of consciousness. The nethermost chakra, called muladhara, is the perineal lotus and corresponds to the cloacal zone in Freud’s sexual theory…. The next chakra, called svadhisthana, is localized near the bladder and represents the sexual center. Its main symbol is water or sea, and… symbolizes certain reciprocal actions between consciousness and the unconscious…. The third center, called manipura, corresponds to the solar plexus…. This third chakra is the emotional center, and is the earliest known localization of consciousness. There are primitives in existence who still think with their bellies. Everyday speech still shows traces of this: something lies heavy on the stomach, the bowels turn to water, etc. The fourth chakra, called anahata, is situated in the region of the heart and the diaphragm. In Homer the diaphragm (phren, phrenes) was the seat of feeling and thinking. The fifth and sixth, called vishuddha and ajna, are situated respectively in the throat and between the eyebrows. The seventh, sahasrara, is at the top of the skull.”
— Carl G. Jung

Consciousness, as it evolves, can use cognition, embodied cognition and social cognition, to evolve and extend itself, as well as return to itself. Out of such evolving of thought, and communicating select parts of these thoughts, many different systems, frameworks and approaches can be created, as part of sharing insights with others.

Crown Chakra
Embodied Cognition

Brow Chakra
Brain activity

Throat Chakra
Voice and imagination

Heart Chakra
Aliveness and relationships

aliveness and relationships

Solar Plexus
Individual perception and action (more or less convivial OODA loops)

Sacral Chakra
Collective, social perception and action. Cultures and societies. (TIMN)

Root Chakra
Environment turning increasingly living systems and ecosystems.


A state of surviving; remaining alive. Subsistence, a means of surviving. Type of: being, beingness, existence. the state or fact of existing.

David Abram :
“At the end of his chapter “The Body as Expression, and Speech,” Merleau-Ponty writes: It is the body which points out, and which speaks.… This disclosure [of the body’s immanent expressiveness] … extends, as we shall see, to the whole sensible world, and our gaze, prompted by the experience of our own body, will discover in all other “objects” the miracle of expression.

a world that speaks

Thus, at the most primordial level of sensuous, bodily experience, we find ourselves in an expressive, gesturing landscape, in a world that speaks.


We regularly talk of howling winds, and of chattering brooks. Yet these are more than mere metaphors. Our own languages are continually nourished by these other voices — by the roar of waterfalls and the thrumming of crickets. It is not by chance that, when hiking in the mountains, the English terms we spontaneously use to describe the surging waters of the nearby river are words like “rush,” “splash,” “gush,” “wash.” For the sound that unites all these words is that which the water itself chants as it flows between the banks. If language is not a purely mental phenomenon but a sensuous, bodily activity born of carnal reciprocity and participation, then our discourse has surely been influenced by many gestures, sounds, and rhythms besides those of our single species. Indeed, if human language arises from the perceptual interplay between the body and the world, then this language “belongs” to the animate landscape as much as it “belongs” to ourselves.”

The world is changing. We feel it in the water. We listen to Gaia and her songs. We sense a newfound vibrancy in the air. Much that once was, is rekindled; for some now live who remember it.

some now live who remember it

Languages can be used to listen forth, nurture and evolve shared understanding. Pattern languages can be used to translate between domains.


Code: Contextual Intelligence
Conversational logic co-evolving with contextual intelligence. In our digital discourse, should we so choose, there’s a conversational logic available, a way to engage conducive to contextual intelligence, a return on engagement turned generative.

Participatory Inquiry: Debate, Conversation, Dialogue

Debate is good when in need of speaking fun and truth to power.
Inbetween debate and conversation: discussion.

Conversation is good when in the presence of peers. As in 8bn human peers.
Inbetween conversation and dialogue: skillful conversation

catalyzing core insights

Dialogue is good when in need of catalyzing core, key, insights.
Inbetween dialogue and collective intelligence: metalogue, holding a generative place conducive to a mutual learning that catalyzes a patterning that re-aligns.


Individual ability and collective intelligence
Circles of concern, influence and confluence, contextual intelligence and conversational logic, co-evolving.

Purposes and Practices
The strategic goals and related practices, emerges and unfolds out of our
research, curation, writing: articles, comments and annotations — our conversations, insights and actions; our reviews, stories, tasks and generative review. The context for these purposes, strategies and practices:

play, people, planet

Generative Review
If we gather enough insights how to realign ourselves with our planet, we will make it.

If we remember there’s people, there’s 8bn humans, and that all 8bn humans are peers, we will divest, discover, design, decide, develop, deploy and distribute — instigating and ushering in thriving, flourishing communities.

If we play our innate truth and our increasingly human becoming, really well, we will rediscover our true place in evolution.

2014 — 2039
The second half of the 21C will be characterised by our conversational, convivial, collaborative, collective and cocreative capabilities for stewarding autopoietic shift. There’s three main scenarios:

- Slow Crash (default & devil take the hindmost)
- Elysium (crash & entitlement separate)
- Long Boom (equity & ecology)


In the Year 2023
In 2023, all human beings rediscovered their lives were part of the ecosystems of Gaia. This discovery grew out of humanity reaching a new level of perception and awareness and ushered in a long boom of thrivability and societal renewal. We made it? What happened? We happened.

in the year 2023

Add considered, considerate comments on other people’s stories, in ways that on all scales, coordinates all necessary and sufficient efforts.

Play, people and planet.

We made it? What happened? We happened.

small bluegreen corner

8bn humans on a small bluegreen corner of the universe.

Let’s take one step at a time. Small moves, and we’ll get there. Join us?




Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions. https://goo.gl/Ypd5u8

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Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions. https://goo.gl/Ypd5u8