Cards for Insight: Monkey Mind & The Lighthouse

Cards for Insight: Map moves conducive to knowledge flow and knowledge mapping.

Cards for Insight: Paths and Preferable Outcomes
In a network, conversations that mind, hold generative space and cultivate paths to preferable outcomes.

— Paths?
— Yes. Play. Map moves, unfold paths.

Map moves conducive to knowledge flow and knowledge mapping.

In a network, trust, movement; movement, trust.

“Trust movement.”
— Alfred Adler

Cards for Insight: Worthwhile dilemmas

Men in power have perverted agency.
Marketers have perverted play.
Ordinary people have perverted and devolved practical wisdom.

These three virtues: play, agency and practical wisdom, need to be reclaimed and re-purposed. Monkey mind and essential character, online perversions and evolutionary purpose.

In the midst of your swinging between idle mind and agitated monkey mind: awakening.

As part of your attention turned situational awareness, the gateway drug to awakening, is perception.

We never left nature. We wake up to ourselves, in the very same moment as we remember we are having a temporary, embodied, eco-systemic experience.

Cards for Insight: Generative Questions

What is its purpose?

“Take music, for instance. It is connected to reality less than anything else,
or if connected at all, it’s done mechanically, not by way of ideas, just by a sheer sound, devoid of any associations.
And yet, music, as if by some kind of miracle, gets through to our heart.
What is it that resonates in us in response to noise brought to harmony, making it the source of the greatest delight? Which stuns us and brings us together?
What is its purpose? And most importantly, who needs it?”
— Andrei Tarkovsky

Cards for Insight: Vertical Technology
How to remain in charge of your own spine in the midst of social media distractions.

Problem Space: Presence

Third Eye
Players: Visions

Cards and other building blocks of creativity: Questions, Cards, Conversation and your Taking Thought, between

Story: Relating with truth, beauty and love as if three attractors of your human becoming

Solar Plexus
103% of our human wicked problems are not due to finding ourselves in problem spaces, but how we address them, by insisting on our own comfort zone personal ken maps, our mostly uninformed opinion.

Map: Power with > Power over
Over time, our default maps, models and theories, devolve into social constructs, convenient shortcuts of collective thought.

ITIMNEA: Instinctual social animals, Tribes, Institutions, Markets, Networks, Ecosystems, Agency

Context: Desire

Solution Space: Nature

Generative Review: Synkinaesthesia
The generative review of chakric realignment is learning into aliveness in a context of enkinaesthesia (field, ambiance, small group genius) and synkinaesthesia (vector, path, alignment around preferable outcomes).

Card: Enkinaesthesia
In a network, attention turned
situational awareness.

Synkinaesthesia is to chreods, unfolding paths and vectors, what enkinaesthesia is to umwelten, life and signs co-extending and fields.

Our Future Societies: Thin Air & Lighthouses
In a network, social presencing is connecting the dots between inclusive intention and effective, convivial action.

Cards for Insight: Social cognition at social machine scale

Card: Identity

“One of the most insidious things about enclosures is how they
eradicate the culture of the commons and our memory of it.
The old ways of doing things; the social practices that once bound
a people together; the cultural traditions that anchored people to
a landscape; the ethical norms that provided a stable identity — all
are swept aside to make room for a totalizing market culture.”
— David Bollier

Card: Communication

“Standard game theory doesn’t take communication into account because it’s so complicated to do the math for the expected payoffs.
But just because the math doesn’t exist and the general formula may never be solved, it doesn’t mean we can’t explore the idea using agent-based modeling.
Communication is critical for cooperation; we think communication is the reason cooperation occurs. It’s generally believed that there are five independent mechanisms that foster cooperation.
But these mechanisms are really just ways to ensure that cooperators play mostly with other cooperators and avoid all others.
Communication is a universal way to achieve that. We plan to test the idea directly in yeast cells.”
— Christoph Adami

… from yeast cells, to beer, to Guinness, and Ireland …

Cards for Insight: Community — On Wells, Bridges & Lighthouses

In a network, community is the worthwhile dilemma.

Cathal Ó Searcaigh:
‘Is doiligh tobar a aimsiú faoi láthair,’
arsa Bríd, ag líonadh an bhabhla athuair.
‘Tá siad folaithe i bhfeagacha agus i bhféar,
tachtaithe ag caileannógach agus cuiscreach,
ach in ainneoin na neamhairde go léir
níor chaill siad a dhath den tseanmhianach.
Aimsigh do thobar féin, a chroí,
óir tá am an anáis romhainn amach:
Caithfear pilleadh arís ar na foinsí.’

’Tis hard to find a well nowadays’,
says Bridget filling the bowl again.
‘They’re hidden in rushes and grass,
choked by green scum and ferns,
but, despite the neglect,
they’ve lost none of their true mettle.
Seek out your own well, my dear,
for the age of want is near:
There will have to be a going back to sources.’
— Seamus Heaney

Cards for Insight: There’s A River
If the 21C will see us bridge from old, obsolete narratives, reaching out to the other, navigating adjacent possibles, traversing the Waste Land of Big Data, finding ourselves consciously as if for the first time at the other side — we will have to address all the dimensions of risk for the baby in our arms, as well as pouring the old, funny-smelling bathwater over the side, allowing it to be swept away by the river, clear to the sea.

Cards for Insight: Five dimensions of risk that needs to be addressed
A too institutionalized response to the current atomization, fragmentation and devil-take-the-hindmost among a wide spectrum of the constituency, is not only insufficient, it risks dead-ending almost all policies before they even can begin to be implemented.

1. Fragmentation, atomisation

Solution: offering governance dialogue spaces, nurturing meaningful grassroots connectivity through anecdotes, stories and narrative.

2. All policies are symptoms of larger issues
Large, top-down, technocratically perfect, agency-spun policies — fail.

Solution: small steps, building on the first point.

3. There’s no, one, definitive formulation of policy

Solution: sufficiently inclusive (digital, social) discourse and networking, annealing policy formulation capability (aka less clueless crap) and enabling different, quicker and more responsive policy updates.

4. Every issue is unique
Water as one example issue, will not be resolved until the unique challenges and the unique opportunities are sufficiently explored.

Solution: local stakeholder dialogue, towards developing listening capability, towards rich and diverse context, towards shared understanding what works.

5. Governance is continuous redesign
Entrenched, polarized, polarizing positions is synonymous with not being in charge, not assuming responsibility, not properly assuming office.

Solution: The essential measure of governance and opposition is metalogue — conversations that mind, hold generative space and cultivate paths to preferable outcomes — where the people in charge are accountable for seven generations to come, opposition is charged with keeping the discourse vibrant, relevant and convivial and everyone, including you, is charged with keeping an honest course.

You need to let go of your borderline solipsist pontification reinforcing shared misery, in order to get to Fanad Lighthouse, Donegal. You need to move, you need to make different moves, guided by different maps.

Cards for Insight: Map Moves to Spirals
Map moves conducive to knowledge flow and knowledge mapping.

Cards for Insight: Questions, Cards and your Taking Thought, between

Cards for Insight: How to Play^n

1. Formulate a question
2. Pick three cards
3. Add your thoughts between

Card: Coordination
What coordination of human
effort, our social web?

Card: Question
A question is mind rediscovering
the generative nature of relating
with reality and transforming it
into possibility.

Card: Understanding
Holding space for the
possibility of knowledge
as it unfolds its relevance
to unexplored aspects
of things known.

In a network, we play^n to win^n.

Generative Review
A divestment of belief, in a context of behavior turned agency.

“The sail is an ear, the mast a sloping pen,
the hull a mouth-shape, the keel an open eye

No porters. No interpreter. No taxi.
You carried your own burden and very soon
your symptoms of creeping privilege disappeared.”
— Seamus Heaney



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