Cards for Insight: Lines

Conversational intelligence in a world not fully joined up.

John Kellden
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Card: Lines

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Card: Lines
Open, participatory inquiry,
enlivening convivial fields;
re-aligning unfolding paths
with evolutionary trajectories.

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Card: Lines
“Life is a proliferation of loose ends.
It can only be carried on in a world
that is not fully joined up.”

— Tim Ingold

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Lines: A Brief History
“I wrote everything down in notes, on which I drew for my doctoral dissertation. But these months in the field were also a formative period for me. they were often lonely. In Lapland you are not surrounded by people all the time; on the contrary, you have to go out of your way to find them, and the sheer vastness of the environment, and its hollow silence, can be overwhelming. Here, the fieldworker is thrown largely on his own devices: it was expected of me, as of everyone else, that I should follow my own path and find things out for myself. Everybody has their personal path and is known by it, and familiarity with the landscape lies in the ability to recognize these paths from traces on the ground or litte signs placed here and there on rocks or trees, or from old fireplaces. Paths have their stories just as people do. Literally following in the footsteps of my Saami mentors, and endeavouring to learn by example, I also acquired a certain manner of carrying on, of combining movement and attention, which I have come to call ‘wayfaring’. But unlike the observations that filled my notebooks, this manner crept up on me unawares. I did not really notice it at the time. Without that experience, however, I doubt that I would ever have come to write this book.”
Tim Ingold

… pick two cards and add your thoughts, prompts, insights, individual and small group genius annotations, book excerpts and prompt responses, between …

Cards for Insight: Q&U

  • Gather a small group genius around a generative question
  • Pick two cards and add your thoughts between
  • Engage in conversation and cultivate shared understanding
    in light of intelligence augmentation and intelligence turned ability
  • Take practical wisdom as a stopping rule and generative closure
  • Create Q&U cardcasts, forming interactive supersets
    to the more commonly known Q&A podcast formats

Q: Questions; U: Understanding, see cards below.

Cards for Insight: Formats for cultivating shared understanding

Since 103% of all co-creation of value resides in the links, feedback
loops, the in-between spaces and unique insights and annotations
from participants, let’s unfold a way to address this:

Cards for Insight
1. Addressing how we relate to information and meaning-making.
2. Pick two cards and add your thoughts between.
3. Notice social stigmergy and reflect on attention.
4. Design and homestead social learning systems in light of intelligence, networked intelligence and systems intelligence.
5. Experience and learn to use Cards for Insight — As easy as a card game, as powerful as a social machine.
6. Understand how to add value in light of situational awareness.
7. Interact to the full extent of your ability.
8. Map moves conducive to knowledge mapping and flows.
9. Play with frames, frame and reframe, move beyond rigid narratives.
10. Cultivate shared understanding in light of generative closure.
11. Take thought conducive to convivial conversation.
12. Extend conversations, at card formats, small group genius scope, social social media reach, networked distribution and social machine scale.
13. Coordinate by applying design cybernetics conducive to a requisite variety of paths between attention turned situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts, prompts, insights, individual and small group genius annotations, book excerpts and prompt responses, between …

Card: Question
A question is mind rediscovering
the generative nature of relating
with reality and transforming it
into possibility.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Understanding
What if understanding is our
ability to hold space for the
possibility of knowledge, as
it emerges, unfolds, directs
and discloses its relevance
to unexplored aspects of
things known?

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Cards
Cards are play, possibility space,
roped path, understanding and
shared understanding affordances.

… does this mean that it’s all about what the Card does,
rather than what it is? …

… yes …

Card: Relate
How do we relate to
information and

… patterns of play conducive to conversations …

Card: Conversational Intelligence
Conversational intelligence is a function of curiosity,
social cognition, affordances and constraints, signs,
symbols and archetypal meaning-making and
essential character evolving along unfolding paths
made luminous by joint sauntering.

… conversations that mind, enact,
cultivate, transform and matter …

Card: Conversational Intelligence
1. What role are you as a conversation participant assuming?
2. What purpose is your comment serving?
3. What needs can be addressed by the conversation?
4. What feedback, mutuality and learning is provided, by whom?
5. What (joint) focus on what story, tasks and what generative review?
6. What experience and knowledge is shared, what perspectives are explored?
7. What criteria are used, towards teasing out what insights?
8. Which are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a meaningful conversation, and what are the steps followed to ensure there’s shared understanding around these conditions?
9. What insights can be turned actionable, serving what local and community needs?
10. What intention, perspectives, language and tools are chosen and held, making for what action and practice?
11. What unique individual skills combined with what collective intelligence can help produce something extraordinary?
12. What networks of practice, co-evolving and co-creating what value, with what lines of inquiry?
13. Given all of the above, what key insights can be drawn and what actions taken, in order to solve what important issues?

… pick two cards and add your thoughts in ways conducive to
insights conducive to addressing the issues at hand …

Your move:

… pick cards and add your thoughts between …

… jot down your thoughts as they relate to
the everyday world around us …



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