Cards for Insight: Guidelines

In a network, we play^n to win^n.

Card: Finite and Infinite Games
Learn how to remain open to both
finite and infinite games. Finite
because your time is precious.
Infinite because our collective
imagination is boundless.

how to play^n

Cards for Insight: Conversational and contextual intelligence turned ability

Picture your digital self here with others
with comments and threads holding possible clues
suddenly someone is sharing an insight
that grows understanding between.

Viable compounding loops are precious
Alex Komoroske

Compounding loops are extraordinarily powerful. They demonstrate a viable feedback loop, something that is like finding a needle in a haystack. Of all of the nearly infinite combinations and configurations of loops, the vast majority don’t work: they are nonviable, dead. Successful compounding loops can’t be created in a lab. They can only be found in the wild and grown.

The extreme value of compounding loops, combined with how rare they are, is what makes them extremely precious. It’s one of the reasons searching for tiny compounding loops is a powerful meta-strategy.

Card: Unfolding Paths
Search for tiny compounding loops
in the wild, then cultivate conditions
conducive to small moves and steps.

… pick two cards, add your thoughts between

Card: Scaffolding
Contextual intelligence, narratives,
patterns of play, options and paths,
knowledge flows and maps, cards
and affordances, possibility spaces.

Cards for Insight: Compounding Loops

  1. Review
    Notice the difference between how we think and how nature works.
  2. Story
    Evolve our story informed by our review.
  3. Tasks
    Rediscover and realigning ourselves with reality.
  4. Play turned* Play^n
    Make a move. Trust, movement; movement, trust.
    Understanding the difference between games people play,
    and what games coordinate human effort, between how
    nature thinks and how people work. *“turned” = knowledge
  5. Generative Review
    Evolve. Co-evolve. Us letting go of the notion of “living in a culture”, changes the whole conundrum and challenge of space and time.

Cards for Insight: Reach beyond personal ken grasp
The scary part of our waking up from sensegiving, is realizing we were never ever fully inside any which narrative, never ever fully inside any which prefab culture, only our conditioned (social, cultural, language use) thoughts made it so. This part of our awakening usually comes with some confusion.

… denial, confusion, trust, movement, renewal …

Card: Kairos
Culture is all about holding
a collective monopoly on
Kairos, story time.

… finding yourself, in time …

Card: Chronos
Society is all about holding
a collective monopoly on
Chronos, clock time.

Cards for Insight: Our Ability To Hold Space
The good parts of understanding, understanding understanding and shared understanding are 103% about waking up, anchoring our essential character differently to what is real and extending our evolutionary purpose beyond the confines of narrative — and how this enables us to become more full and more intensely human versions of ourselves. Do.



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