Cards for Insight: Conversations

In a network, our moves evolving with conversational intelligence.

Cards for Insight
Addressing how we relate to information.
As easy as a card game, as powerful as a social machine.
Pick two cards and add your thoughts between.

Card: Intelligence
In a network, networks of networks, with patterns of play
in the intersects, where we are invited to participate
in ways conducive to intelligence turned ability.

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Conversational Intelligence
Thirteen steps related to online conversations.

  1. What role are you as a conversation participant assuming?
  2. What purpose is your comment serving?
  3. What needs can be addressed by the conversation?
  4. What feedback, mutuality and learning is provided, by whom?

… from there to here …

… map moves conducive to knowledge flow and knowledge mapping…

5. What (joint) focus on what story, tasks and what generative review?

6. What experience and knowledge is shared, what perspectives are explored?

7. What criteria are used, towards teasing out what insights?

8. Which are the necessary and sufficient conditions for a meaningful conversation, and what are the steps followed to ensure there’s shared understanding around these conditions?

… in a network, we found the others and made differences that made a difference that saw us through …

9. What insights can be turned actionable, serving what local and community needs?

10. What intention, perspectives, language and tools are chosen and held, making for what action and practice?

11. What unique individual skills combined with what collective intelligence can help produce something extraordinary?

12. What networks of practice, co-evolving and co-creating what value, with what lines of inquiry?

… all together now …

13. Given all of the above, what key insights can be drawn and what actions taken, in order to solve or address what important issues?

… pick two cards and add your thoughts between …

Card: Applied
Add considered, considerate comments to other people’s posts and comments conducive to conviviality, in service to conversations
that mind, cultivate, transform and matter.

The thirteen steps of conversational intelligence can be seen as providing a roped path between online conversations and applied conversational intelligence, with room for personal insights and (shared) understanding, between.

The generative review of conversational intelligence is conviviality in general and small group genius in particular.

Conversational intelligence applied to paths between personal ken opinion comfort zones and preferable outcomes (understanding, understanding understanding and shared understanding), at

  • card session formats
  • small group genius scope
  • social social media reach
  • networks of networks distribution and
  • social machine scale

Card: Cards
When combined with play dispositions,
cards augment our intelligence and
improve knowledge flow and mapping.

Card: Cards
Chunks of text and information, forming
large finite sets, with underlying pattern
languages and generative sequences,
cards help weave human insights and
shared understanding with social
computing in information ecologies.

Card: Cards
Texts, formats, patterns, metalayers,
protocols, notes and affordances.



Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.