Cards for Insight: 2023–2025

Data and Narratives. Uncovering the options we need,
rather than using data to reinforce what we’ve already got.

Card: Understanding
What if understanding is our ability
to hold space for the possibility of
knowledge, as it emerges, unfolds,
directs and discloses its relevance to
unexplored aspects of things known?

If we are to look at understanding in a context of time, timing and lifecycles, we will notice that slow knowledge flows are optimal. Slow begets vibrant and resilient organizing. There’s many other benefits, but that one is key.

Cards for Insight: Options we need between data and story.

Card: Options
Review ideas in a
context of ability
options and need.

In a network, data, information, intelligence turned ability, paths and meaning. These five, though all both intertwined, entangled and related, are also distinct. We organize more effectively when we understand the unique properties of each.

Cards for Insight: Generative Review
The generative review of data, information, intelligence turned ability, unfolding paths and meaning-making, is our ability to understand how things emerge and unfold, and how our knowledge can be applied to direct and disclose.



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John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.