Card: To Do

In a network, your To Do — list is not what you think it is.

Card: Poiesis, aka To Do

  • mythopoiesis: to do gladly
  • sympoiesis: to move-with, f(metalogue, meaning-making)
  • ecopoiesis: to perceive butterflies
  • technepoiesis: to sculpt time (Le Guin def. of technology)
  • autopoiesis: to enact generative place
Card: Identity

Desire vs Realistic Expectations: Social Social Media
This is why you can’t have neat To Do lists, Generative Networking and Social Agency at the same time. Pick two. Notice how I tweaked it, (ever the pragmatic optimist): social social media. Think 9E Cognition.

Desire; semiosis; shared misery (fb); bias (chat); pontification (twitter); anticipation and realistic expectations; autopoiesis.

Knowledge acquired through experience. Experience annealed f(synthesis, selfhood, service) into understanding. Understanding homesteading media into social social media:

circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience and considered, considerate and convivial conversations that mind, cultivate and matter.

Understanding: Identity
In a network, identity in a context of networked:

  • learning
  • experience
  • activity
  • practice
  • social sense of self

In a network, in transition: code that invites our aspire, access and achive, that augments our agency, that draws forth our convivial transactions: code that brings us forward, together. Code and large finite set pattern, pattern languages; pattern languages accessed via cards and card sessions.


Shu: School of Hard Knocks
Tasks and desire path traversals driven by desire and guided by personal ken.

Ha: Life as if by design, rather than default
Tasks coloring inside societal lines.

Ri: Mastery
Human evolution is co-extensive with signs, forming a premise, co-extending and co-evolving.

Perceive, Observe, Orient, Design, Decide, Enact, Act and Unfold.

Tasks: Generative Sequences
Play, unfold the system, make your own unique dent, notice the emerging story, navigate s-curves and venture forth. Over time, tasks are functions of and evolve with our patterns of relationship, interaction, play and play^n.

Multiscale Enaction Model (MEM): the case of complexity and “context-sensitivity” in vision
— Laurent Éric

“I review the data on human visual perception that reveal the critical role played by non-visual contextual factors influencing visual activity. The global perspective that progressively emerges reveals that vision is sensitive to multiple couplings with other systems whose nature and levels of abstraction in science are highly variable. Contrary to some views where vision is immersed in modular hard-wired modules, rather independent from higher-level or other non-cognitive processes, converging data gathered in this article suggest that visual perception can be theorized in the larger context of biological, physical, and social systems with which it is coupled, and through which it is enacted. Therefore, any attempt to model complexity and multiscale couplings, or to develop a complex synthesis in the fields of mind, brain, and behavior, shall involve a systematic empirical study of both connectedness between systems or subsystems, and the embodied, multiscale and flexible teleology of subsystems. The conceptual model (Multiscale Enaction Model [MEM]) that is introduced in this paper finally relates empirical evidence gathered from psychology to biocomputational data concerning the human brain. Both psychological and biocomputational descriptions of MEM are proposed in order to help fill in the gap between scales of scientific analysis and to provide an account for both the autopoiesis-driven search for information, and emerging perception.”

Tasks: Social Sense of Self
Synthesis, selfhood and service.

“An online or networked identity adopted or claimed in cyberspace by an individual, organization or electronic device.”

Tasks: Social Collective Intelligence
Nature/human/machine intelligence is a new dimension to human evolution, all about how we extend our identity into networked identity, inviting and extending ourselves into digital, into virtue-real, into augmentation.

Desire vs Realistic Expectations: Social Social Media

Desire; semiosis; shared misery (fb); bias (chat); pontification (twitter); anticipation and realistic expectations; autopoiesis.

Social Media: Desire vs Realistic Expectations

Image: David Byrne

“I sense that to some extent the rational ‘thinking’ areas of our brains are super-rationalization engines. They provide us with means and justifications for our more animal impulses. They allow us to justify them both to ourselves and then, when that has been accomplished, to others.”
— David Byrne

Knowledge acquired through experience. Experience annealed f(synthesis, selfhood, service) into understanding. Understanding homesteading media into social social media:

circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience and considered, considerate and convivial conversations that mind, cultivate and matter.

Tasks: Bricks, Family and Cathedrals
In a network, here and now: presence and immersion in the small tasks at hand.

Generative Review: Social Cognition

“How people process, store, and apply information about other people and social situations. It focuses on the role that cognitive processes play in social interactions.”

Story: What’s Identity?

It is not toil, yet feet happily descended and moving.
Nor technology wielding arm,
nor tracings of a too social sense of self inscribed on face,
nor any other part contested between
uniqueness and belonging.
To name, to another: What dialogue?
In a network, that which we call a chat.
By any other name would be as enactive.
So 8bn secret friends would, were they not story bound,
enacting that innate perfection, already awed.
Without that proprietary entitlement,
dear fellow human, rekindle your naming;
And for our naming, wending I and Thou and Thee,
coming alive, becoming ourcellves.

@johnkellden riffing on Shakespeare

Review: Code Not Completely Useless
If nothing else, there’s as of this moment, platform code that scales, some fledgling awareness of our inviting ourselves into code, our coding, languaging ourselves, turning:

  • attention into situational awareness
  • will into flow
  • intelligence into ability
  • behavior into agency

Understanding: Agency
Comfort zone boundary understanding is social agency affordance. Understanding entangled with agency (social constructs) comes in five default, human social collective intelligence flavors:

  • Tribe
  • Institution
  • Market
  • Oligarch & Minion (our current bus stop)
  • Network

An 8bn Seat Karass
Our combine, our vehicle, our karass, our analog, hybrid and virtue-real bus, can be equipped with 8bn seats. Now we need some analog real tires to get some traction.

Card: Premise

In A Network: Bus or Bust
…In a network, means precisely that. There’s no sitting on the sideline when it comes to digital platforms, no such thing as traveling together with others while looking at the bus from a distance. You’re either on and in the bus, or bust.

In Transition
… In transition, simply means that the bus is going places and you as well. What individual, team and collective desires [TIMN] you form part of, *is* the destination, or at the very least, a picture postcard pitstop along the way.

Convivial Code Augmenting Our Transactions

“The nature of reality is transactional.”
— Alan Watts

Coding An 8 bn Seat Bus Engine
Some of the code needs to be digital and some needs to be analog.

— Annotations?
— Yes. Annotations, around cards considered in light of questions.

21C Graph Traversal, by any other name, would become as tensegral.

We made it? What happened? We happened!

[ insert humans holding generative space for a requisite variety of paths, between situational awareness and preferable outcomes, here ]

Perfectly Possible Possibility Spaces
The vehicle itself is not a problem anymore, there’s Elon Musk batteries, solar cell roof tiles, drones that can deliver anything to anyone, permaculture principles and Paul Polak sets of principles for practical problem-solving.

The vehicle is perfectly possible to build.

Participatory Inquiry Deck of Cards: 21C Roadmapping

Card Sessions: Cards considered in light of questions.

The strategic outcome of the Participatory Inquiry deck of cards, when small groups of people learn how to play them really well together with others, is a patterning that co-evolves with possibility spaces — in short, blueprints for building our ability to shape and enact 21C Roadmapping.

“The nature of reality is transactional.”
— Alan Watts

A Streetcar Named 21C
The engine and the fuel though, well, we simply won’t get there sharing selfies and catgifs.

Uninformed opinion is not much better. It’s part of the engine alright, but always at risk of being driven by the peanut gallery in the back seats, the conspiracy nuts, the curmudgeons, the technocracy experts, almost always heading straight for any which lemming cliff feels most near and dear to them.

[ semiosis and poiesis; virtue and path; trust and movement ]

Consider the topology of virtue and path, of paths made by walking, of luminous paths made by joint sauntering. There you go.

We can’t do Oligarch Highjacking of the 21C Engine much longer either, they are increasingly realizing that their time is up. A bit of a hassle getting them all together on the same bus as the other 8bn humans, but we’ll manage, somehow.

Grand Theft Data
Content marketing is probably the engine part in worst shape — since it almost invariably comes with a backdoor code and thingies (current euphemism: big data) that enables a select few to siphon off part of the flow, part of the juice for their own purposes. Kind of like one million smaller vehicles using the momentum of the bus, rather than getting onboard with everyone else.

Such a drag.

“The nature of reality is transactional.”
— Alan Watts

Roped Path
Code that brings us forward, together.

Signal Processing
The digital part of the signal processing is digital ledgers and protocols.

Signal Processing
The analog part of the signal processing is conversations that mind and matter.

— Now?
— Now, we weave new ropes, enact new roped paths. Now, we build.

21C Platforms Turned 21C Places
In a network, the best place to story knowledge is amidst, among and in between people.

Formats, platforms, places, playgrounds and wise playgrounds that co-evolves together with its participants ability to access and achieve an increasingly natural co-creation of value, needs to be all about connected intelligence.

Intelligence is vector. Ability is holding space for all the vectors, to form something from which to wisely wend, wield and wyrd.

Understanding intelligence is a good thing.

There is no substitute for connected intelligence.

There is no substitute for conversational intelligence either.

Context = Connectivity x Conversation x Co-creation

— Co-creation?
— Yes. The generative co-agency of evolution. Cf Synkinaesthesia.

Card: Synkinaesthesia

We were never ever completely separate from the seamless nature of reality.

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg
Solipsism is cognition, gone one bridge burned too far. If you are hedging other humans, check solipsism at portal.

Just because there’s no straightforward way to resolve The Seven Bridges of Königsberg, doesn’t mean we have to destroy the whole city. The same with cognitive architecture (convention, semiosis) and cognitive anticipation (novelty, poiesis).

It is simply never too late to go Goth, Art Noveau, Einsturzende Neubaten, Solarpunk or another Kettle of Seven Generations Vibrancy of Meaning-making, in its most convivial social sense of self, in metalogue.

Drawing Forth Our Joint Remembering
It is never too late to remember a happy future, seven generations center, attracting and drawing forth our every coordination and civilization.

The generative review, through which participants can emulate, enhance and experience, is resonance. Joint remembering is embodiment and small group genius affordance.

The optimal way to apply connected intelligence, is to catalyze unique identity, and then tap into the we. Will turned flow. Intelligence turned ability.

In terms of bounded rationality, how to represent connected intelligence on a platform, using code: cards, culture code, language, chat, digital code, story episodes, anecdotes, images, video — is by understanding creative constraints, convivial conflict and generative dissonance:

  • reflexivity
  • resilience
  • reach and
  • resonance.

“The nature of reality is conversational.”
— 8bn humans, riffing best we know how, on Alan Watts

Plenitude Affordance
In a context of planetary practice (which includes individual, small group genius, community and local practices) tasks are plenitude affordance.

Preferable Outcome Affordance
Alignable (behavior turned agency) tasks, tasks co-evolving with purposefulness (with an eye or three on requisite variety) is preferable outcome affordance.

Tasks: Poiesis

In our 21C Places, situated somewhere adjacent to our 21C Platforms, our tasks, our playing increasingly well together with others, moving towards shared understanding, aided by our connected intelligence co-evolving with our contextual intelligence, is part, parcel and parsing of our roped path.

— You do know that you’ve painted a picture where an 8bn seat bus is traversing a roped path, right?
— Yeah, I know, I’m the master of metaphor metalogue meandering around metanoia. But, actually, no, there’s method to the madness, there’s Our House, with a bit more nuance to it.

Nuance, nuance, understood. Nuance, embraced in ways conducive to path,
is preferable outcome affordance.

— Didn’t you just claim that “alignable tasks is preferable outcome affordance” ?
— Yes. Yes, I did.

Read On, Read On, Dear Gentle Fellow Joint Saunterer
Life and signs, co-extensive, co-extending and co-evolving.
Tasks and nuance, co-extensive, co-extending and co-evolving.

Semiosis: Life and signs

Poiesis: “and”, “^n”, “->”, “x” “and/or”

Card: Poiesis
Continuity conducive to anticipation of poiesis, enchantment and understanding the agency of novelty in a context of the topology of mind, cultivation of flow and matter.

Flow = Structure x Process

UI: Language

UX: Conversations that Mind, Cultivate and Matter

Dashboard: Reading

Flow = Structure x Process

“x” = patterning

“and” = mind and matter

“->” = attention turned situational awareness

“->” = the intersubjective turn

“^n” = leveling up our game, from Game to Game^n

“and/or” = Shu Ha Ri

Shu Ha Ri: Mastery and School of Hard Knocks
Shu Ha Ri, seen, understood and practiced along the evolutionary journey of the soul. Where Ri, Mastery, is not necessarily “better” than Shu, School of Hard Knocks, only different.

From everyone according to intelligence turned ability, to everyone, according to want turned need.

The bus, the card session, the lab, the innovation lab, the Ba, the Feynman Airstream is for when everyone has more or less traversed their own unique roped path together with a select few, finding themselves and many others, about to climb aboard.

We’ve saved you a seat. It has got your true name on it.

Your Seat: Networked Identity
Shakespeare, tempests, teacups and everyone’s kettle of synkinaesthesia.

Don’t worry if you’re still out there climbing — we’ve saved you a seat.
Thank you for reading and for sharing this with others. Now. Go. Do.

— Do?!
— Yes. Tasks. See above.



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