Card Sessions: Weaving

Process and Reality.

John Kellden
5 min readMay 30, 2021


Human philosophers weave process and reality.

Card: Weave
what do we
need to weave?

Weaving between how people think and how nature works.

The Glitch
The glitch is between how nature thinks and how people work.

The Pain
Most people online still operate inside an old increasingly obsolete paradigm: information consumption and knowledge hoarding.

Your full 4E and 9E Cognition mind, is then forced to process ten million bits per second through your personal ten bits per second conscious mind.

To add shared misery programming to your pain, there’s an increasingly weaponized proprietary platform programming (current euphemisms: marketing and content) keeping you inside prefab narratives not to your benefit.

The Solution: Cards for Insight
Cards considered in light of questions.
Helping you reflect, reframe and rethink.

A different playbook, homesteading different social machines.

Human minds: Coming to our Senses
Attention turned situational awareness.

Human Minds: Insight
The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something. Attention turned situational awareness, awareness conducive to different and better alignment between process and reality.

Human minds: Insight, Applied
Will turned flow.

In short, human minds evolving with conversations that mind, cultivate and matter.

UI is to language, enkinaesthesia and ontology, what UX is to conversation, synkinaesthesia and epistemology.

With an ever present, unfolding, moving, evolving sense and sense of sense, guiding both how we take information and how we take thought.

“…articulates three overlapping philosophical themes — sense, developmental ontology, and the phenomenology of nature…”
David Morris

Card: Information
the measure of
information is
proportional to

conversations that
mind, cultivate,
evolve and matter

Niche: Corner of Information, Conversation and Good Measure

Human minds:
Intelligence turned ability. (Alfred North Whitehead)

“Technology is the active human
interface with the material world.”
Ursula K. Le Guin

Human minds:
Behavior turned agency.

Human Individuation and Evolution:
Situational awareness, flow, ability and agency.

In a network, the notions related to anthropocene and the idea of anthropocene itself, can be seen, understood and provide intelligence augmentation for situational awareness scaffolding.

The social cognition corresponding to situational awareness, is almost invariably at oblique angles and planes to most uninformed opinion.

The anthropocene, and how we are to take thought, addressing it, implies a leveling up of our knowledge instigation, flow and the corresponding preferable outcomes:

  • one trillion trees
  • one million villages
  • one thousand eco-cities

In service to seven generations.

Seven generations is to why, what anthropocene is to when and where, and situational awareness and knowledge flow, to how.

The what, is behavior turned agency.

Core Challenge

behavior > understanding understanding > agency

The generative review of agency is human individuation and evolution.

Civilization is scaffolding for human individuation and evolution.

Card: Civilization

entangled in metalogue:
anticipatory, dynamic and
convivial interactions

Civilization: Information in a context of convivial meaning-making.

Generative Sequences: Structure-preserving transformation
Information in a context of relational meaning-making in a context of situational awareness, generativity and preferable outcomes.

behavior > understanding understanding > agency

The generative sequence:⁠

  1. See
    See as in phenomenology of perception,
    as in David Abram, as in Alva Noë.
  2. Understand
    Understand as in holding generative space for cards considered in light of questions, cultivating shared understanding.
  3. Turn
    Turn as in intelligence turned ability, as in learning how to wisely wield what is intelligently apprehended.
  4. Scaffold
    Scaffold as in wise playground, information ecologies and MMMMOSPG’s, in a context of play^n, game^n and win^n, in service to societal innovation.
  5. Make

    “The landscape, in short, is not a totality that you or anyone else can look at, it is rather the world in which we stand in taking up a view on our surroundings. And it is within the context of this attentive involvement in the landscape that the human imagination gets to work in fashioning ideas about it. For the landscape, to borrow a phrase from Merleau-Ponty, is not so much the object as ‘the homeland of our thoughts.”
    — Tim Ingold

Human cultivation: Complex responsive processes

Flow = Structure x Process x Functions

“x” = Patterning

Human matters:

Shu Ha Ri

Shu: Billiard balls sensemaking
School of Hard Knocks. Ignorance combined with weaponized negotiated self-interest.

Ha: Stop making sense
Life as if superset design to subset default.

Ri: Start making sense
When are you? Where are you? What’s happening? What is taking place in between stimulus and response? What ten bits per second conscious processing, playing really well with the ten million bits per second full embodied conscious processing, that is life and signs, co-extensive, co-extending, unfolding, cultivating and co-evolving?

Sensemaking and meaning-making
Allowing yourself room for improvement, including leveling up your game and your game^n: engagement and return on engagement in a context of coordination of effort towards preferable outcomes.

How? Heuristics
Your ordinary heuristics, and now and then, as part of your consolidating your leveling up, a new and/or slightly tweaked (meta)heuristic.

One of the (meta^n) heuristics:

Conversations that Mind, Cultivate and Matter

Heuristics: Unlearning the spell, learning into aliveness

Synkinaesthesia: Mind, evolving.

1. Learning from experience

— But, but me as a billiard ball, is very polished, shiny even?!
Look at all my shiny things, surely, there’s…
— Yes, you are right.

2. Learning augmented by languages
Language, code, astrology, gematria, nature, poetry, pattern languages, math, physics, biosemiotics, information in a context of relational meaning-making, metalogue, love, trust, relationships, imagination, anticipation, the evolutionary journey of the soul, akash transmissions,…8bn flavors of social cognition.

3. Synkinaesthesia: Mind, evolving
Learning evolving with joint sauntering along luminous paths.



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