Card Sessions: Playbook

In between situational awareness and preferable outcomes

The Pain
Most people online still operate inside an old increasingly obsolete paradigm: content consumption and information hoarding.

Your full 4E and 9E Cognition mind, is then forced to process ten million bits per second through your personal ten bits per second conscious mind.

The result? Drowning in content, starving for meaning.

To add shared misery and solipsist pontification to your pain, there’s an increasingly weaponized proprietary platform programming (current euphemisms: social media, marketing and content) keeping you inside prefab narratives not to your benefit.

The Cure
We need different playbooks, helping us design, build and homestead a different social web.

The cure is the playing; the play^n, game^n and win^n, the healing path.

Playbooks afford Play
Playbooks affording reading, participatory inquiry, annotating, playing and riffing, with Generative Questions, Cards, Card Decks, Card Sessions, Labs, Social Machines — Social Social Media designed for human coordination of worthwhile effort, with transaction and monetization layers evolving with Mixtapes (Cards, NFT’s) produced in Card Session, Recording and Post-Production Studios, whether DAO’s, Squads, Pods or Small Group Genius Gatherings.

Q: Mr Harrison, what is the opening chord you used for A Hard Day’s Night?

A: It is F with a G on top (on the 12-string), but you’ll have to ask Paul about the bass note to get the proper story.

How nature works, how people play and mixtapes.

Card Sessions: Production of Mixtapes
Knowledge markets are mixtapes. You are yet to figure out how to share your private poetry and personal insights stashed in your drawer and in unshared corners of your 4E Cognition mind.

Knowledge is the patterning that re-aligns human coordination of worthwhile efforts between how nature works, how people think, how we cultivate small group genius around generative questions and how we produce, share and listen to mixtapes.

Cards, card decks and card sessions comes with an underlying large finite set pattern, pattern language.

Patterning can be seen, understood, designed and applied, by combining the below seven parts.

1. Theory
Theories, maps, diagrams, approaches, models, mental models and becoming slightly less wrong about heuristics and inference ladder shortcut re-alignments.

2. Context
Eg warm data, cc Nora Bateson

Social Machines = Context x Contextual Intelligence

“x” = patterning

3. Cards
Cards are possibility space affordances.

cf spheroid spirals

4. Pain
Aka signal processing, aka muddling through inside comfort zones, aka wallowing in shared misery inside social cognition abattoirs. Either spinning around at SF streets or spinning around dank memes.

5. Play
Johan Roos definition of play is a good departure point.

Card Sessions, as a way to weave between play and social machines.

6. Building Blocks
Relevant to and co-evolving with s-curves.

7. Practice
Behavior > Engaging in conversations that mind, cultivate and matter. Practice is to process what story (anecdotes, stories, narratives, worldviews, paradigms, ontology, ontogeny, cosmology) is to structure.

flow = process x structure

Practice then proceeding to inform theory:

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?”
— Robert Browning

The above seven, when combined, form a pattern. Eg one of the card decks comes with a particular patterning, a frame: “…in a network…”

In a network, the best place to story knowledge is amidst (social collective intelligence), among (small group genius) and in between (card sessions) people.

Knowledge is the patterning that re-aligns human coordination of worthwhile efforts between how nature works, how people think, how we cultivate small group genius around generative questions and how we produce, share and listen to mixtapes.

DKR’s: Dynamic Knowledge Repositories

Currently, the two best DKR’s are dbpedia and roam research. The weakness of DBpedia is that it is everything and the kitchen sink, and it doesn’t have a functional, participatory inquiry community around it.

Roam Research does have a fully functional, vibrant, proactive, participatory inquiry community around it. The weakness with Roam is, they’re not open, it’s a tribe, a knowledge sinkhole.

Combine the best of CMM DKR, with DBpedia DKR and Roam Research DKR, and we have a multi-billion dollar value proposition: intelligent augmentation (social machine, social computing) of knowledge markets.

Most people online still operate inside an old increasingly obsolete paradigm: information consumption and knowledge hoarding. Both those dispositions are not only highly ineffective, they are increasingly dysfunctional, for reasons of what knowledge is, and what economies are, and what ecosystems we were, are and will remain participant parts of.

In a network, we play^n and engage in conversations that mind, cultivate and matter, to win^n.

Cards for Insight
Cards considered in light of questions.
Helping you reflect, reframe and rethink.

Cards are possibility space affordances
Each Card Deck is a frame. You move along generative sequences
(eg s-curves, transition pathways, paths through possibility spaces)
by making moves: adding your considered, considerate and convivial comments to the cards, together with others, engaging in conversations
that mind, cultivate and matter.

Card Sessions
Cards considered in light of questions.
Helping you reflect, reframe and rethink.

Card: Roped Path

The prayers of all combined
Flying flags of stewardship
The walls are coming home
A roped path to learn into

riffing on John Cale, Child’s Christmas In Wales

Situational Awareness
There’s a lack of emotions, something many of us have noticed in a growing number of people. Not quite depression, more like a deep fatigue and world-weariness.

⁠Is it the loss of narrative, eg “gainful employment” being replaced by gigs? Is it the lack of viable future? Is it our growing understanding that the Oligarchs and their Fossil Fuel Minions, really prefer profit above a viable future?

⁠And, in the midst of all this, what are we individually to do? What individual niche, when there’s no longer viable (information, knowledge) ecosystems, and everyone is scrambling for meaning, any which semblance of meaning?

Once we begin to reclaim relational meaning-making, in service to our own niches and ecosystems, in service to seven generations to come, what playbooks are we to write and co-produce? How are we to cultivate our own niche? Zooming out from our individual niches, stewarding our networks, (re-)aligning them with ecosystems, how are we to reflect, reframe and rethink?

Helping you reflect, reframe and rethink

All card decks are frames. The theme of one of the decks:

evolutionary games

Frames, framing and reframing with evolutionary games that mind, cultivate and matter — games enabling us to play supersets to evolutionary game theory.

Cards are possibility space affordances
Intelligence is to problem spaces,
what ability is to possibility spaces.

“Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability,
which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.”
— Alfred North Whitehead

Card Sessions
Consider cards in light of questions. Helping you reflect, reframe and rethink.

The generative closure of all card sessions is a combination of three things:

- insights

- alignment around center generative questions

- agreement on next steps

The boundary around each card session is a function of contextual intelligence.

Card Sessions: Onboarding
Cards are possibility space affordances. This means that the cards I’m designing can be hard to grok for all those who have deep habits seeing most everything in life as problems. Consider different perspectives, seeing things from different perspectives, seeing things as if with new eyes.

Yes, that was the onboarding, welcome.

Problem Space

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.”
― Alfred North Whitehead

Possibility Space
Human evolution advances by extending select parts of our essential character, intelligence turned ability and ability turned performance, without too much thinking.

Play^n = Divesting from conscious thought x Investing in proprioception of thought x Applying taking thought along unfolding paths

Flow = Structure x Process

Patterning = “x”

“x” = Patterning f(relationships, interaction, play, play^n, purposefulness)

Situational awareness is to possibility space, what attention (polarized, distorted, fragmented, opinion (inference ladder shortcut) highjacked) is to problem space.

So. In order to play the cards, engage in the card sessions and achieve preferable outcomes, here’s one possible onboarding:

- will turned flow
divesting from too strong attachment to
personal, mostly uninformed opinion

- intelligence turned ability
intelligence is quickness to apprehend, and ability is
how to wisely wield what is intelligently apprehended

- behavior turned agency
minds co-evolving with shared experience
in a sensuous background of co-agency

- attention turned situational awareness
situational awareness is to possibility space,
what attention is to problem space

Level up our game
Arriving at, finding ourselves in situational awareness, we then proceed to level up, from

- Play to Play^n (instigation of flow)

- Game (games people play) to Game^n (ability x agency)

- Win (problem, glitch, solution) to Win^n (problem space turned possibility space)

Most if not all of this is possible to jury rig together by combining Small Group Genius and Post It notes. However, using Cards, in addition to Post It notes, allows us to add Social Machine augmentation (scaling) to our efforts.

problem space > reframing > possibility space

Around eighty percent of all human (wicked) problems are related to behavior > feedback > agency.

However, starting there is almost a guarantee for not solving it. Instead, start with will turned flow.

Generative review

— How would I know?
— Flow. Flow is how you know.

Once you’ve got an experience of flow, it is much easier
to have a go at intelligence turned ability.

Building on combinations of flow and ability (experiencing being “in the zone”) will make addressing behavior > feedback > agency so much easier.

Reframing Things: Rules of Engagement

1. Extend
Extend a select part of your social sense of self, online. Notice the systems intelligence context.

2. Add
Add considered, considerate, convivial comments in ways conducive to small group genius, emerging, unfolding and evolving.

3. Wend
Intelligence turned ability. How we turn our individual, small group, social social media and collective intelligence into ability, in order to wisely word, wend, wield, web and world, everything that we have intelligently apprehended.

4. Cooperate
From everyone according to ability. Through every thing according to graph traversal(creative problem-solving, language and code). To everyone according to need. In a context of psycho-spiritual modalities, in service to seven generations.

5. Move
Trust movement. Play^n: Instigate. Game^n: Immerse. Win^n: Inspire Preferable Outcomes.

Cards and Smorgasbords
One of the things that is interesting with Cards, Card Sessions, Labs and Literacies, is that they, via Play^n, invite to a whole smorgasbord of activities, providing glimpses of what magic resides beyond our notions of scarcity.

One of these sets, our evolving 21C Literacies will be needed in our transition pathways to preferable outcomes.

There is a need for a sufficiently large number of paths, in order to ensure a requisite variety, for reasons of resilience, as we increasingly understand how to create, cultivate and homestead complex narratives.

There is also a need for a small enough, manageable set of transition pathways, emerging, unfolding and evolving out of a requisite variety of paths.

7E Cognition: Cognition as augmenting our considerations

1. Extended

2. Economic and Eudaimonic
Superset to existing frameworks, accessed via situational awareness.

3. Embodied

4. Enacted

5. Enkinaesthetic
Mind evolving in ongoing re-alignment with the evolutionary co-agency in between map and territory. Insight and epiphany lives and thrives here.

6. Embedded
Life and signs, co-extensive, co-extending, co-evolving.

7. Emotional
Human social constructs and collective intelligence. Large parts of this mode of cognition is highjacked by something called “media”.

The generative review of cognition is meaning-making (virtue) and social, networked agency (path).

Generative Sequences and Structure-preserving Transformation

A five-fold dialectic, evolving with our homesteading spacetime and place.

structure-preserving transformation, agency, engagement, return on engagement, networks of practice and social machines

Card: Hypertext

Bringing thinks, things
and gatherings into
aliveness: Creative
entanglements in a
world of hypertext.

Patterning as Play as Process: Learning into Aliveness

1. Structure-preserving transformation

- inquiry

- paths

- chreods

- pathways

- graph traversals

- story-arcs

- unfolding

- emergent vectors

- s-curves

- transitions

This usually shouldn’t be ordered into a generative sequence, one of the reasons being requisite variety.

2. Agency

attention > situational awareness > will > flow > intelligence > ability > behavior > multi-order cybernetics > agency

This is a generative sequence.

3. Engagement

Gather, diverge, emerge, converge, conclude.

This can be facilitated to function like a generative sequence, if and when possible.

4. Return on Engagement

Negotiated self-interest and sixteen other patterns of relationship, interaction, play and play^n, in a context of life and signs, co-extensive, co-extending and co-evolving.

5. Networks of Practice and Social Machines

Card: Social Machine

Web-based socio-technical
systems in which networked,
language, human, virtual and
technological elements play
the role of participant parts,
with respect to realizing
processes in service to goals
and societal purposes.

Social Machine: Intelligence augmentation in a context of participatory inquiry.

With annotations to the cards, forming, shaping, cultivating and stewarding knowledge, scaffolding structure-preserving transformation and spiraling around and through paths between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

Card: Practical Wisdom

Holding generative space,
cultivating and stewarding
a requisite variety of paths
between situational awareness
and preferable outcomes.

Practical Wisdom: Gather, diverge, generativity, converge and conclude.

Practical Wisdom: Joint Sauntering

Our individual, and, our human social collective intelligence, both combined with social machine intelligence, will need to be employed to intelligently apprehend everything related to both paths and pathways.

In addition, it is of the essence, that we turn our intelligence into ability, in order to wisely word, wend, wield, web and world, everything that we have intelligently apprehended.

Such wise wielding is what used to be called phronesis, practical wisdom.

If our phronesis is in service to both our imagination as a literacy and our futures literacy, we will make it.

Card: Anticipatory System

A system in which present
change of state depends
upon future circumstances,
rather than merely on
the present or past.

Game^n: Corner of Anticipatory Systems and Meaning-making.

There is simply no way I can stress enough, how important it is, that we cultivate our literacies and distribute widely enough, what results we gain from such cultivation.

Flow = Structure x Process

Any which frameworks, theories, models, maps, patterns of play, interaction and transition, any which principles, approaches, protocols and practices we can employ in service to our practical wisdom, can be seen and understood as knowledge navigation.

Seeing Ourselves Through

The relative size, characteristic, function and impact of our own individual contribution to paths and pathways, matters not.

What matters, is that we all find in ourselves, ways to make a difference, seeing ourselves through.

We made it? What happened? We happened. We co-created different legends to our updated maps, found ourselves and found ways to see us through.

1. Maps

Can we learn how to create a requisite variety
of paths by using gameful approaches, labs
and game-like information ecologies?

Maps, Legends(social social media), Principles, Concepts, Policy Design, Implementation, Practices and Ecosystems.

That’s it. Eight steps on a scene of Human Becoming. That’s the whole post.

Playbooks are to weaving between who, where, why and how, what plenitude is to who, when, what and whereto.

Tolstoy and John Dewey: Pragmatism and Prosaics
Robert Edwards

“Creative potentials,” Gary Saul Morson’s term for Tolstoy’s narrative
strategy, the capacity to designate the

plenitude of possibility for development (or stagnation)
that dwells in every moment of human life,

seems to be an apt term to describe Dewey’s life-long project.

According to Dewey, (and I believe that Tolstoy would agree), mental
change is grounded in experience. Thought is governed first by physical experience, followed by the symbolic experience that culture provides
through social interaction.”

Great Time
Culture is co-extensive, co-extending and co-evolving with 8bn living artifacts, commonly known as individual human beings. The human social collective intelligence emerging and unfolding from the social interaction between us humans, is the planet-wide playbook.

human social collective intelligence

Since we are yet to learn how to read the full planet-wide discourse, we are play-testing with a requisite variety of smaller living documents and artifacts.

This playbook here: Card Sessions that Mind, Cultivate and Matter, is a living document, an artifact, helping us reflect, reframe and rethink.

Over time, through learning how to play really well together with other people turning human, finding ourselves, a learning into aliveness somewhere between how people think and how nature works.

Suspend your disbelief, read the situation and make a move. Play.

Play: Paths and transitions between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

One of the benefits with cards and card sessions fitted with an underlying large finite set pattern, pattern language, is that it allows for Card Sessions, Labs and related Information Ecology activities, at small group genius, social social media, societal innovation and social computing scale.

If so, what card sessions, labs and game designs
would optimize our paths and options, turning
problem spaces possibility spaces, aligning paths
with transition pathways, in between situational
awareness and preferable outcomes?

2. Principles

Social Machines that Mind, Cultivate and Matter

Using heuristics to evaluate the mindful, gameful and flow cultivating purposefulness of social social media.

Value = Questions x Stories x Understanding x Moves x Language x Cards

The Comments dimension, the Q&U, is the only complex challenge. Addressing that challenge: framing(narratives) and reframing(card sessions, labs, societal innovation).

Time to Level Up

Comments have been gamed almost out of existence, by two proprietary platform programming designs:

  • like button
  • weaponized discourse

Like button clicking reinforces shared misery, aka fb.

Weaponized discourse, can be found in twitter.

A return to older orality paradigms, with gamified versions of hustle
and huddling in small or large group think groups, can be found in

Narcissism can be found in insta.

Confused plebs can be found in chat.

These are all part of Oligarch, Proprietary Platform Programming Designs.

Reading is a worthwhile dilemma

The optimal approach to worthwhile dilemmas is not “Ignore”.

Ignore as in “Comfort Zone Like Button Clicking Ignore”.

Sharing lots of catgifs, emojiencies and shit comments,
bracing for impact, is not the optimal approach either.

Read all about the optimal approach further along this text…

On social media, most everyone skips lots of the texts.

This is not any one individuals fault.

The proprietary platform programming is designed for:

- hustle
- shared misery and
- near-narcissist alienation:

Social Cognition Abattoirs, designed to make everyone miserable.
It is by design you are weirdly, inexorably drawn to the

“too few words that you’d hope would say more”.

Quite ready for something different? You sure?
Ok, here you go:

The Social Social Media Optimizer

Don’t: Social Media
1. Scan
2. React
3. Add your opinion

Do: Social Social Media
1. Read
2. Reflect
3. Add your considered, considerate comment, conducive to

flow = structure x process

The coming to our senses and a beginning re-purposing of media:

  • divest from scanning
  • rekindle reading

In short:

Reading is a worthwhile dilemma.

- How?
- Flow. Flow is how you know.

Social Cognition Abattoirs

The Social Cognition Abattoir Systems, are designed to manufacture and reinforce learned helplessness.

The Oligarchs fear that without this programming, they might end up at the pointy end of pitchforks.

They might have a point.

We, we here taken as an all inclusive definition of a human we, might want to consider leveling up our game — beyond pitchforks, beyond even Walking Away From Omelas.

Old Paradigm Game^n

1. Loyal shared misery minions inside social cognition abattoirs.

2. Clubhouse froth and other similar social cognition rediscovery shenanigans.

3. In a network, we play to win. Screw you Jack, I got mine.

[liminal spaces, paradigmatic understanding(Agamben): a whole smorgas-bord of massively multi-player, oblique plane s-curves here]

Card: Movement
How humans, individually, in small groups and collectively, negotiate virtue and path, path and virtue, in a context of one trillion trees, one million villages and one thousand eco-cities, in service to seven generations.

Knowledge Navigation: Negotiating virtue and path; path and virtue.

Attention = Best Practices
True for more than eighty percent of all humans, individually, in groups and collectively.

Situational Awareness = Best Options
Stewardship within the constraints of existing designs.

Flow = Good enough knowledge
Knowledge is that when applied, scaffolds co-creation of value and spirals around and through questions, cards, card sessions and labs.

“Trust movement.”
— Alfred Adler

“Trust, transactions.”
— Alan Watts

Movement = Trust x Character x Path

Card: Movement
How humans, individually, in small groups and collectively, negotiate virtue and path, path and virtue, in a context of one trillion trees, one million villages and one thousand eco-cities, in service to seven generations.

New Paradigm = One Trillion Trees x One Million Villages x One Thousand Eco-cities x Seven Generations

New Paradigm Game^n

1. We who walk away from Omelas.

2. Our essential character, beautiful beyond belief.

3. In a network, we play^n and engage in ways conducive to game^n ambiance, in order to win^n.

Card: Game^n

1. The Big Kahuna
Watching Netflix, hurtling toward global suicide. The noble art of not giving one flying eff about anyone or anything else, and pretending everyone can get away with it. Safety inside the Code-46 narrative. The happiness of remaining an Oligarch Serf.

2. The Battul of Teh Opinions
Behavior turned agency. Aka, school of hard knocks, and/or remaining inside a (too) small umwelt.

3. The Battul of the Frames
Sensibilities turned performance. This is, essentially, all about players being able to do three things, more or less regularly:
- cultivate virtue
- unfold path, aka move and make moves
- understand their own experience
Human beings becoming human, finding themselves increasingly verb, based on their own unique combination of virtue and path.

4. Walking Away From Omelas
Who, if I cried out?

Will -> Quest -> Flow -> Wisdom -> Legacy

Seven years of toil and trouble, followed by overnight notoriety. The part of the evolutionary journey of the soul that can be expressed through our increasingly conscious and aware social sense of self.

5. Beyond Kurukshetra
Synkinaesthesia in a context of enkinaesthesia. Embracing becoming of service to the pervasive co-agency of evolution. Divesting from the need to reinforce Kurukshetra. This play takes place at the same scene as the Big Kahuna, only you leveled up your game a bit.

These are my cards, decks, sessions and labs
and if you don’t like them, I have others.


Massively Multi-player, Multi-parallell, Multi-order cybernetics Online Signal Processing Game


The first two, MM: Massively Multiplayer

⁠Massively Multiplayer: Leveling up our platform games

  1. Proprietary Platform Produce: Like Button Clicking Automatons
  2. Digital Platform Members: Information Processing Participants
  3. Online Playgrounds: Behavior > Feedback > Agency
  4. Wise Playgrounds: Small Group Genius

Play^n: Cards, Boundary Objects, Patterns of Relationship, Interaction, Play and Play^n, at Human Social Collective Seven Generation Intelligence scope and Social Computing scale.

The third M: Multi-parallell

Multi-parallell: Circles of Convivial Conversations
⁠Circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience, concrescence and considered, considerate and convivial conversations that mind cultivate and matter.

1. Gather

2. Diverge

3. Emerge

4. Converge

5. Conclude

1. Turn attention into situational awareness

2. Conduce creative chaos inside small group genius

3. Cultivate flow

4. Steward vectors

5. Arrive at preferable outcomes

This is the Methodology. This is the map, model,
theory and approach: Understanding

Understanding Method Cards

The fourth M: Multi-order cybernetics

Play is emergent, unfolding and evolving literacies.

Play and literacy is essential to catalyze, stimulate, inspire, cultivate and integrate a wide range of human spiritual, imaginative, creative, social, intellectual, community and physical abilities.

The generative closure, OSPG: Online Signal Processing Game

Organizing, Orchestrating, Imagineering Metaphor: Way Station

The core organizing metaphor in CMCM, Conversations that Mind, Cultivate and Matter, has always been Way Station.

Let’s say you open a door, go through a portal. You will find yourself different, from not only searching for but also finding the portal, from taking a leap of faith when punching in the activation codes, from having gone through, from finding yourself in a new place.

“They told me they were headed for a planet the name of which I had not heard before, and they talked among themselves, gaily and happily, but in such a way that I did not seem to be left out. From their talk I gained the fact that some form of art was being presented at the festival on this planet.

The art form was not alone of music or painting, but was composed of sound and color and emotion and form and other qualities for which there seem to be no words in the language of the Earth, and which I do not entirely recognize, only gaining the very faintest inkling of what they were talking of in this particular regard.

I gained the impression of a three-dimensional symphony, although this is not entirely the right expression, which had been composed, not by a single being, but by a team of beings.

They talked of the art form enthusiastically and I seemed to understand that it would last for not only several hours, but for days, and that it was an experience rather than a listening or seeing and that the spectators or audience did not merely sit and listen, but could, if they wished, and must, to get the most out of it, be participants.”
― Clifford D. Simak, Way Station

Card: Edge
Multi-order cybernetics is to vibrant, tensegral edge, what autopoiesis is to node, what synkinaesthesia is to vector and what unfolding wholeness is to gestalt.

MMMMOSPG is to 103% about intelligence turned ability to wisely view, wend, word, world and wield, edges and nodes in service to synkinaesthesia and unfolding wholeness.

Learning how to play really well together with other people, is all about enabling ourselves and others, framing and reframing our social cognition, relationships and practices in ways conducive to unfolding wholeness and whole systems stewardship.

Unfolding Wholeness

Ongoing 21C Fieldbook Prototyping

1. CMM: Conversations that Mind and Matter
2015 Feb — 2020 Sep

Add considered, considerate comments
on other people’s posts.

2. CSMM: Card Sessions that Mind and Matter
2020 Sep — 2021 Sep

Card Sessions
Cards considered in light of questions,
a gameful way to help you reframe things.

Cards, Card Decks, Card Sessions and Virtual Labs
are programmable formats.

Think one single tweet as a card.

3. Social Machines that Mind, Cultivate and Matter
2021 Feb — ….

(this is increasingly taking place outside fb)

Value Equations

  • Don’t click the like button
  • Don’t add comments only for personal gain
  • Don’t add comments only to John Kellden’s posts
    (no longer needed, CMM prototyping completed 2020 Sep)
  • Add comments on other people’s (not yours, not John Kellden’s) comments
  • Hold generative space


Trust(considered, considerate, social computing)

103% of everything I’ve ever written and shared, can be seen, understood and applied as “add, considered, considerate”.

“add considered, considerate”.

The rest is footnotes (Plato Cave, other caves, Waste Land pitstops) and can eventually form part of social machines.

3. Concepts

behavior, agency, chreods, attention, situational awareness, place, will, flow, interface, intelligence, ability, enkinaesthesia

Keywords: Signal Processing
MMOSPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Signal Processing Game

Card Sessions: Intelligence turned Ability
In a network, each and every individual is close to congenitally incapable of listening to the others.

This is not be taken that there’s something wrong with us.

It is to 103% all about our being absolute beginners to networks
at this scope, pace, dynamics, complexity and scale.

In short, Networks:

- augments connectivity (six degrees of separation)

- obfuscates listening (Dunbar 150)

Our heuristics, our rules of thumb, our guidelines, need to be adapted to both these forces.

Everything is miscellany. Everything happens all at once. Everyone is frantically busy clicking on things, figuring out what our social machines are actually doing.

monkey mind, media, messages, metalogue, meaning-making, metanoia, mozart

(Glimpses of Human Social Collective Intelligence At Work?)

In the context of one billion humans on social media, listening is a worthwhile dilemma.

Card: Composition
In a network, adhering to strict rules of composition, and then play, play inside the rules, play with the rules, play vibrant aliveness to what was dormant, adorning the world, adorning any and all adjacent corners of aliveness in your spirit, soul, mind, heart, head, feet and Dancing Wu Li Typing Fingers, providing adornment permission slips to the audience. Music, carrying, listening forth what celebrates our soul, seeing us through.

“Haydn achieved the fusion of elements of both the learned and the treble-dominated styles. The result was a harmonically oriented, yet polyphonically animated, texture that was to affect both instrumental and vocal ensemble music for generations. It was also at this point, when compositional procedures reached a degree of stability and universality unmatched since Renaissance polyphony, that composition began to be taken seriously as a separate musicianly discipline.”

4. Policy Design

Our rules of composition can be applied to Social Machines. The Social Machines that we are finding ourselves in currently, are adhering to strict, proprietary platform programming rules (algorithms) that stipulate that you, the player, gets zero monetary reward for your playing.

“Technology is the active human interface with the material world.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin

Proprietary platform > place > playground > wise playground > plenitude

I believe we could half do with an upgrade, updating some of the rules of

- composition

- engagement

- return on engagement

- data ownership

- information processing

- creating knowledge

- co-creating value

With currencies, including but not limited to:

- value

- questions

- stories

- understanding

- moves

- language

- cards

- insights

- actions

- interactions

- conversations

- transactions

- enactments

- services

- products

- artifacts

- mixtapes

- other objects related to fungibility and non-fungibility

- ecosystemic stewardship

- economic innovations

- eudaimonic facilitations

- play and play^n

- games and game^n

- win and win^n

5. Implementation

Implementation is to 103% about information processing.
Information Processing can be seen, understood, played
and forming meaning-making structures, in a context of

- syntactic processing

- semantic processing and

- pragmatic processing.

Networks are NxN-grids and graphs, with network(ed) activity, a dynamic interplay between grids, graphs, circles and massively multi-player information processing nodes (human, business entity and machine nodes).

Corner of Synkinaesthesia & Enkinaesthesia
Synkinaesthesia in a context of enkinaesthesia is my shorthand outline of what goes on all around us when we are busy implementing stuff. There’s lots more stuff going on in the world, than our stuff. Lots of things happening, in between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

POODDEAU, a convivial superset to OODA






Enact: 4E Cognition

Act: One Trillion Trees, One Million Villages, One Thousand Eco-cities

Unfold: Synkinaesthesia, Enkinaesthesia, Unfolding Wholeness

POODDEAU, a convivial superset to OODA

By analogy and generative sequence:

behavior > feedback > agency

probable > problem turned possibility > preferable (outcomes)

This includes learning to play really well together with other people.
Eg our stuff and other people’s sh*t. Aka, perceived problems.

  1. Perceived Problem
  2. Hold space
  3. Hold space
  4. Hold space
  5. Hold space
  6. Hold space

7. Solution Space:
Individual purposefulness, co-evolving with community:

7.1 One Trillion Trees
7.2 One Million Villages
7.3 One Gazillion Ideas aka, the web
7.4 Situational Awareness
7.5 A Requisite Variety of Paths and Simple Systems
7.6 Preferable Outcomes

Steps 2–6 : Hold Space in a context of Divest. Divest from what doesn’t serve your synkinaesthesia.
Instead, focussing 103% of our individual, small group genius and social social media efforts, letting go of:
- reactive reinforcement and
- defending of personal opinion.

Consider going back and forth, until you get the hang of all seven steps in the generative sequence. Generative sequences enable structure-preserving transformation, eg going one better than starting from scratch every time you get so rudely interrupted by life, the universe and everything.

Enkinaesthesia is what’s happening while you’re busy making other plans.

Understanding furthers.

6. Practices

Card Session Playbook
The Card Session Playbook I’m writing, can be seen, understood and applied, as an interactive artifact in between a Game Learning Handbook and a Handbook of Process Thinking.
A finite artifact playbook, can also be seen as a dashboard to Dynamic Knowledge Repositories, with Anticipatory System and Memory Evolutive System (IA, AI) functions, affordances and literacy augmentations.

Card Sessions and 21C Labs

Play^n: Instigating assemblages
cf Alfred North Whitehead (thread)

Card Sessions: Knowledge Creation

Reframing Things: Problems and Solutions

Card: Knowledge Representation
[card text here, the actual text depends on the small
group: their ability, the need and the situation]

How to play and Heuristic:

  1. Context (time and place) Elicitation
  2. Mapping: Defining the problem
  3. Mapping and Legend: Defining and understanding the problem in relationship with the emerging and unfolding story
  4. Mapping: Defining, understanding and bricolaging(Bret Victor) the problem, by adding nodes/building blocks(knowledge) and edges/forces(heuristics)
  5. Play: Suspension of disbelief, oblique strategies, adjacent possible options, lateral jumps and actionable insights (moves) — with the the generative review and stopping rule: flow
  6. Problem Space: Seeing the problem from as many different perspectives as needed, given the above
  7. Solution Space Elicitation

Card Sessions: Bias
In a network, always and already in transition: causal, cognitive, relational, boundary, interactional, enactive intersubjectivity and transactional bias.

Shu Ha Ri of Heuristics: Experience, Design and Mastery

Biases, confluencing via conversations, turned a vibrant, dynamic combination of Requisite Variety and Small Group Genius.

Play^n: Instigating great generative questions

Game^n: Weaving finite and infinite
Small group genius constellations (social constructs transcending yet including TIMN)

Win^n: 300k human beings in circles
Circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience and considered, considerate conversations, conducive to creation of knowledge and co-creation of value, holding space for a requisite variety of paths between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

In a network, we play^n to win^n.

Yes, this is a hack and extension of the more commonly known
“We play to win.”

The contextual intelligence around all human finite games, is infinite play, aka human evolution. All generative sequences are attempts at structure-preserving transformation between finite games (ontologies) and infinite play (epistemologies), in a context of enkinaesthesia (field) and synkinaesthesia (vector). Biofields and chreods.

⁠Card: Spheroid Spiral

⁠What questions, cards, considerations, annotations and co-creation of value, spiraling through autopoiesis (virtue) and anticipatory systems (path); preferable outcomes made by joint sauntering?

Life and signs, co-extending, cultivating and co-evolving.

… lines, arcs, circles, cycles, spirals, spheroid spirals, hopf fibrations …

All generative sequences in service to seven generations on a small bluegreen corner of the universe, are re-generative sequences.

⁠A (re)generative sequence in seven stages:
​An individual entity autopoiesis spheroid spiral transition pathway in an epigenetic fitness space. (C. H. Waddington)

1. Inner Alchemy Seed
⁠Archetypes of Intention (medium dot com post)

In a network, in transition: our awakening to our own innate beauty beyond belief, is advanced by our understanding not only culture and our place in it, not only nature and our seamless connection to ecosystems, but to our ongoing awakening as a co-evolving process of metalogue and living language.

Our language is our social tech, as well as an aid in our expressing our own unique experience of awe. Our archetypes of intention, is always and already turning our language, into living language, into an ongoing, evolutionary enactment. Belittling ourselves is the Anti-Pattern, to the

Archetypes of Intention Pattern. A pattern of relationship.

⁠2. Existential Denial

”Who, if I cried out?”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

3. Shared Misery and Platformed Confusion
⁠Both amplified by our search, do not find, in current proprietary perversions of “social” media.

4. Trust and its Miscreants

”Trust movement.”
— Alfred Adler

In a network, chaos, trust and flow.

”Go trustless, young libertarian.”
— Cryptobros

5. The Waste Land
⁠In a network, the waste land is big data.

⁠In a network, seeing ourselves through.

⁠In a network, the best place to store knowledge is in other people.

⁠In a network, the best place to story knowledge is amidst, among and in between people.

⁠In a network, we play to win.

⁠In a network, we play^n to win^n.

⁠In a network, turned convivial and vibrant by participants leveling up from game to game^n.

⁠Corner of Big Data and Large Finite Set Pattern, Pattern Languages. Accessed via Cards.

⁠What cards have you been dealt?

⁠What cards are you playing?

⁠Over time, what patterns of relationship, interaction and play?

⁠6. Renewal

⁠- one trillion trees
⁠- one million villages
⁠- one thousand eco-cities
⁠- seven generations

⁠A critical mass of human beings becoming human, around 2023, finding themselves tasked with homesteading a blue-green corner of the universe.

Card: Arcs

arcs are hopf fibration parts,
creative constraints conducive
to individuation and human
evolution affordance

“The fundamental idea is that stories have shapes which can be drawn on graph paper, and that the shape of a given society’s stories is at least as interesting as the shape of its pots or spearheads.”
Kurt Vonnegut

lines, arcs, circles, cycles, spirals, spheroid spirals, hopf fibrations

7. Community
⁠Community is the answer. We need a large finite set of around 7k different questions to go (joint sauntering) with that answer, a preferable outcome center attractor pull, drawing forth our human social collective intelligence, convivial answers.

Questions? Questions helping us coordinate our efforts, addressing our worthwhile dilemmas along our paths and transition pathways.

"...can high-income nations reduce emissions to zero fast enough to stay in line with the carbon budget for 1.5C or 2C, while pursuing GDP growth at the same time?"
Jason Hickel

Networks? Networks enabling human coordination of effort, at network scope and scale.

In A Network
The “In A Network” — part, there’s a whole Card deck named In A Network, to help participants level up their game “from” tribal, institutional and market informed devil take the hindmost, “to” network.

Writ large, we need to help each other situate ourselves inside new paradigms. The old one’s are about to completely cease working, or maybe they never worked all that well to begin with?

Along the pathway, interspersed by Card Sessions (roped path) and scaffolded by Card Session Labs and Interactive Podcasts (virtue), one of the deliverables is 103% about will turned flow and attention turned situational awareness.

Attention turned Situational Awareness

Instigating great, generative questions

Gathering small group genius, considering cards in light of questions

Holding generative space for a requisite variety of paths between situational awareness and preferable outcomes

Card Sessions
Cards considered in light of questions.
A gameful way to help you reframe things.

Right after a necessary and sufficient reframing, eg turning a problem into a possibility space, the participants have the option to re-think, to go through a meta-analysis in order to distill a set of (working) strategies.

Card Sessions and Labs

After which, it is time to turn the Card Session into a Lab. Labs are to co-enacting and co-producing preferable outcomes, what Card Sessions are to small group genius.

Card Sessions:
Divergence f(small group genius)

Convergence f(small group genius x actionable insight)

In between divergence and convergence there’s magic, or as it’s also known, emergence. No one knows what emergence is, but everyone knows that it is the necessary step from divergence to convergence.

“There are two kinds of light — the glow that
illuminates, and the glare that obscures.”
— James Thurber

Insight: The gentle, generative glow that illuminates perspectives in service to paths.

Card: Insight
A catalytic, clear, meaningful, generative, comprehensive, perspective-
shifting and profound perception into behavior and understanding.

Actionable Insight
Actionable insight is simple in theory, it’s all about capturing lightning, emergence in a bottle. We just have to anneal bottles out of our individual and small group genius, from what raw material is available, and see to it that the alembic, the contextual intelligence holds when lightning strikes.

actionable insight -> coordination of effort

Pragmatics and Rhizomatics for the People and Planet
Coordination of effort, at scope, small group genius, sensemaking, social social media, societal innovation and social machine scale.

Large Finite Set Pattern, Pattern Languages
Because generative sequences conducive to art and code; code and art, weaving patterns of play, interaction and relationship, enabling and facilitating structure-preserving transformation. Helping us reframe things, helping us seeing things through.

Pattern Anatomy
Problem(space), identity(player), building blocks(forces), story(narratives), map(modelling), context(intelligence, ability) and solution(generative sequence).

The Problem Space: Social Cognition
Social cognition is how you, me and we make it through, or not. Social cognition and how it could be rediscovered, rekindled and then differently applied, to the advancement of social social media.
(double social, not a typo).

I’ve summed up the why and whereto of social cognition:

Circles of Considered, Considerate Conversations
Circles of concern, influence, confluence(p2p, equipotentiality, requisite variety of paths), consilience(corner of graphs and stewardship) and considered, considerate conversations. The generative review of circles of conversations, is the ability to jointly hold differences of opinion.

Card: Story Arc

arcs are hopf fibration parts,
creative constraints conducive
to individuation and human
evolution affordance

Stories have shapes. Hopf fibrations are human evolution affordance.

Spheroid Spirals and Hopf Fibrations: Corner of Circles and Concrescence
Right outside what can be meaningfully summed up inside language: concrescence.

Large Finite Set Pattern, Pattern Languages
However, concrescence remains accessible, although only with individuating efforts, through a large finite set pattern, pattern language.

— Do you mean a few hundred patterns?
— No, I mean around 8 million patterns.

Large because requisite to diversity of human endeavour.

Finite because social machines.

Patterns because play, seen and understood as a superset of work.

Pattern language because perennial wisdom, generativity and structure-preserving transformation.

Patterns of Play, Interaction and Generative Sequences
The generative sequence is simple, complicated, complex and emerging:

  • read
  • think
  • find
  • converse
  • learn
  • annotate
  • play

As with all generative sequences, this is part art, part code.

Art is all about tracing novelty in ways that can be shared with others, both expanding our understanding and awareness, as well as making a lasting difference.

Code is tracing continuity, all about designing running programs.

In between art and code: networks.

In a network, we play^n to win^n.

What would be the invaluable benefits with these
cards, games and play? How would it work?

Card Sessions
Cards considered in light of questions, a gameful way to help you reframe things.

Principles, card sessions, labs and practices.

Reframing Things

Reframing Things: Flow Affordances

Complex systems can be seen and understood as stream and flow affordance.

Notice eg how wind is one way to indirectly understand a complex system at a planetwide, ecosystemic level.

Notice how other streams, interactions, conversations, multi-order cybernetics and transactions, are ways to directly and/or indirectly see, experience and understand complex systems.

The part of the vector of agency in alignment with the unfolding wholeness of systems, is intelligence.

Our sense of self turned character, our character turned individuation, our individuation turned evolutionary purpose, is our intelligence turned ability.

“Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability,
which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.”
— Alfred North Whitehead

One of the books by Alfred North Whitehead is called Process and Reality.

Structure, Process and Reality
The obvious qualities of all systems, are all situated somewhere between structure, process and reality.

Reasoning in service to human evolution, includes the analysis, synthesis and becoming of service of the obvious, as it performs unfolding wholeness, between structures, processes and reality.

7. Ecosystems

All systems are map and mapping, pattern and patterning, model and modeling.

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference
between how nature works and the way people think.”
— Gregory Bateson

Differences can be seen and understood as requisite variety affordance.

Holding Space for Preferable Outcomes
Our ways of holding space for individual, small group genius, conversational, contextual, social, circles, social social media, systems ecosystem, planetary and evolutionary intelligence, is how we hold space for possibility spaces, between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

Social Cognition co-evolving with Small Group Genius

The lessons related to this, Card: Social Cognition, remains important throughout all three levels (Shu Ha Ri):

1. Shu: Simplicity
School of Hard Knocks, wallowing in our pet peeves, our idiot bosses and politicians and other fave topics at our coffee shop get togethers.

2. Ha: Complexity and Life as if by Design
Unlearning default hard knocks, learning what designs and what heuristics works, between synthesis, selfhood and service.

3. Ri: Simplicity Beyond Complexity
Unlearning the glare of designed conviction that obscures, in favor of the glow of presence that illumines. Illumines how we instigate, invite, cultivate and co-create.

Instigate, Invite and Cultivate
Our ways of holding generative space for intelligence turned ability, is how we instigate, invite to and cultivate, behavior turned agency, agency turned social agency and social agency turned networked agency.

Networked agency is how we coordinate any and all necessary and sufficient resources, in our virtuous movement between situational awareness and preferable outcomes.

Homesteading our here and now
Relative to both our existing places, eg houses and our placemaking, eg homes — attention is our handshake protocol between past and present and situational awareness is how we homestead our here and now.

Placemaking is how we weave between homesteading and cultivating structures, processes and flows.

Placemaking homesteading, is the task of all ordinary humans, humans who have chosen to remain collectively defined as one humanity, one planetary stewarding plenitude.

Anticipatory Systems Intelligence
Humanity is the anticipatory system. Adjust, adapt and evolve your systems understanding, accordingly.

Boundary management, is the task of all edglings, heretics, visionaries, pioneers, entrepreneurs, humans who have chosen to trace novelty between systems and ecosystems, between how people think and how nature works, in a context of patterns of play, interaction and relationship, in service to seven generations, in service to human evolution.

Intersects and interfaces between humans and humans
The intersects, handshake protocols and interfaces between ordinary humans and visionaries, is where we learn how to play really well with other people, people different than ourselves.

— What are we interfacing with?

— What are we opting in to?

This interface is also how we can see, understand, manage and steward, our anticipatory systems.

This interface is made up of two things: UI and UX.

UI: Language
With three important subsets: math, patterns and code.

UX: Conversations
With a whole smorgasbord of local, tribal, institutional, market and network(ing) subsets.

Our boundary management can be reframed, towards becoming in service to preferable outcomes management.

Corner of Culture and Cyber
Each and every human culture, holds keys how to both reframe
(virtue, community) and rethink (path, stewardship).

The main purpose of the web, is data, distributed information, information processing, knowledge and practical wisdom, in a context of stewardship. Stewardship in service to community.

The how to the why of stewardship, is circles.

Circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience and considered, considerate conversations that mind, cultivate and matter.

Muddling through, anticipatory systems and preferable outcomes.

Turn, turn, turn
Situating our circles, in networks and our networks in webs and webs of value, is how we turn attention to situational awareness, will to flow, intelligence to ability and behavior to agency.

Each and every instance of our becoming part of this turn, regardless of scale, is invaluable.

In A Network
In a network, always and already in a context of ecosystems, system is flow affordance.

Two main flow trimtabs: structures and processes.

Flow = Structure x Process

How would we know?
Flow. Flow is how we know.

My personal main work relates to patterning, to the “x” in the equation and other, related equations.

Flows = Structures x(patterns of play)x Processes

Patterning, Playing, Play turned play^n
Engaging in and weaving between finite and infinite games. Extending win-lose generator functions, to win^n, in a context of life and signs, at scope, small group genius, sense making, social social media, societal innovation and social machine computing scale.

At human, ecosystemic scale. Scale is beautiful. Our experience of beauty, is our understanding of scale as it becomes part of our human evolution, our coming to our senses and our sense of proportion.

Thoughts in a context of paths in service to co-agency of evolution.

Reframing Things: Ready, Fire, Aim

As a meta-note to my adding lots of things to existing comment threads in CMM — quite a few of the comments added, thoughts, ideas, perspectives, views, links, resources are in addition to being nodes in their own write, also performing as edges:

  • annotating the existing posts as nodes
  • connecting and adding to the knowledge repository, and
  • connecting between patterns, forming a pattern language structure

Nodes: Individual Patterns
With cards providing access to patterns.

Edges: Pattern Language Structures
Composed, Salient, Tensegral, Meaningful and Extendable

Holons: Frames and Card Decks
Card decks can be seen and understood as frames. Frames can be seen and understood as weaving between wicked problems and design synthesis:

“…a creative design hypothesis depends on a normative framing of the situation, a setting of some problems to be solved. This normative framing is a perspective that highlights a few salient features and relations from what would otherwise be an overwhelmingly complex reality.”

Holons: Frames and Card Decks
Cards, card decks, card sessions and labs including card sessions, can help participants reframe things as part of their weaving between wicked problems and design synthesis.

In addition, the card decks can be seen as possible to map to underlying pattern languages, which provides a number of options:

  • connecting several sessions together
  • forming value-web clusters
  • enabling interactions and transactions and
  • augmenting, at social computing scope, speed and scale

One of the reasons why I’m doing this:

Direction as a Service


CMM: Digital Conversations

CSMM: Card Sessions

SMMM: Social Machines

Mind, Instigate, Unfold, Cultivate and Matter

CMM, Conversations that Mind and Matter, CSMM, Card Sessions that Mind and Matter and SMMM, Social Machines that Mind, Instigate, Unfold, Cultivate and Matter.


The core reason for these three social virtual constructs, is exploring, field-testing and prototyping how we can extend select parts of our embodied selves, together with our Digital, Online, Virtual and Virtuereal Avatars.


To, around, and in response to such hybrid forms of identity — hacking new, different formats, particularly formats co-evolving with interaction, conversations, transactions, creation of knowledge, and co-creation of value.

Generative Supersets

Digital formats, forming generative supersets to eg one of the existing formats, to post, comment and thread:

1. Intro text (Post text)

2. Visual storytelling (Post image)

3. Instigation of conversation (Comments and Threads)

Is there a whereto to all of the above? Is there a point, is there a line, a line of inquiry, are there paths made by walking, possibly even helping us gather together and then commit to a joint sauntering back to the garden? What direction, home?

Let’s make a point!

Direction here referring to the emergent, unfolding, cultivating, stewarding and evolving DKR, the Dynamic Knowledge Repository, forming Access and Memory Artifacts to the CMM, CSMM, and SMMM.

Archetypes of Intention
Turning Epimetheus(DKR) brilliant, guiding our post-post-post-modern Prometheus(AI), a once brilliant foresighted Titan, which we turned AI-big data-extractive-silo-GAFA-dumb.

There’s much more to it, considering there’s the option of large finite pattern, pattern languages under the hood — but the above is the gist.

Patterning Framework

  1. Identity
    Spirit-shard descent, creative will, heartful relationships, skillful relating to the rest of the world and belonging to communities and ecosystems. A quest called wisdom. A legacy named uniqueness.
  2. Story
    Synkinaesthesia and enkinaesthesia.
  3. Context
    Behavior turned agency, attention turned situational awareness, will turned flow, intelligence turned ability and preferable outcomes attracting unfolding paths, virtues and map/territory alignments.
  4. Problem Space
    Life and Signs. Umwelten. All problem spaces, if they relate to and/or include people, can be seen, understood and resolved as wicked problems in a context of human practical wisdom. Eg behavior, as a wicked problem, can be addressed by adding a smidgen of phronesis to our knowledge and an ounce of knowledge to our attachment to our own personal opinion.
    This can help turn problem spaces into possibility spaces.
    Possibility spaces can then be addressed via design.
  5. Zeitgeist
    Data: quantitative, qualititative, relational and warm. Forces and building blocks. Which forces and which building blocks depends on the context for the particular pattern, related sets of patterns and the patterning related to the problem and possibility, and the participants understanding of themselves and the larger narratives and paradigms.
  6. Maps
    Information. Human social collective intelligence. The parts of our human tacit understanding that can be turned into meaningful artifacts and shared with others.
  7. Solution Space
    Knowledge. Knowledge, over time: structure and process; process and structure.

Flow = Structure x Process

Patterning = “x”

The nature of how structure and process implies and begets flow.

— How would we know?
— Flow. Flow is how we know.
Heuristics is to process, what patterning is to structure.

All Together Now

Conversational and Contextual Intelligence
Designing different social machines, augmenting possibility spaces(game^n), between situational awareness and preferable outcomes. Preferable outcomes in a context of unfolding wholeness.

And, in the end …
How are we to understand unfolding wholeness?
Beauty. Beauty is how we understand unfolding wholeness.



Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.