Card: 500 Years

A cycle of human evolution, 1700 - 2200

Card: Understanding

What if understanding is our
ability to hold space for the
possibility of knowledge,
as it emerges, unfolds,
directs and discloses its
relevance to unexplored
aspects of things known?

Card: 500 Year Cycle

unfolding systems
intelligence, enabled
by practical wisdom
in a context of
existential confusion

It’s About Time: 1700–2200

“The technique of invention was the discovery of the nineteenth [century], brought on by the adoption of fixed points of view and perspective by typography, while the technique of the suspended judgment is the discovery of the twentieth century, brought on by the bard abilities of radio, movies and television.”
— Marshall McLuhan

the media is the augmentation, assemblage and allocation

The Five Hundred Year Cycle


The technique of civilized warfare, enabled by nation-states in a context of imagined sovereignty. The Rational Mind. Information and its injunctions-aka the square borders, the rule of the dominant frame. The Go, West, with impunity.


The technique of invention, enabled by perspectives and viewpoints in a context of industry. The Western Mind. Information and its missives — aka the cognitive conquest. The progress.


The technique of the suspended judgement, enabled by (mass, massage) media in a context of divestment from fixed points. The no longer all that Western Mind. Information (the content) and its miscreants (the marketers). The cognitive flux. The process.


The technique of unfoldment of systems intelligence, enabled by practical wisdom in a context of existential confusion. The local *and* planetary plenitude mind. Information and its modular building blocks. The cognitive leaps of movement and trust; trust and movement. The emergent, unfolding, evolving structures, in service to one trillion trees, one million villages and one thousand eco-cities.


The techniques of anticipatory intelligence and autopoietic ability, co-evolving, enabled by attention turned situational awareness. The mindful, cultivating, stewarding, mattering networked minds. Information and its contextual intelligence and relevance. The cognitive wherewithal. The thriving, local and planetwide, no longer all that unevenly distributed, flows.

unfolding systems intelligence

Emerging epistemic structures, in select small corners of the noosphere, semiosphere and twittersphere. Ontologies co-evolving with Process and Reality.

Card: Epistemology

Epistemology as a
complex adaptive
set of structures.

Card: Ontology

Process ontologies as
a complex responsive
set of human beings,
becoming human.

[curated para or two related to Alfred North Whitehead here]

Card: Integral Biomathics

The patterning and
weaving between
epistemology and
process ontology.

—Is there a way to scan(intuitively grasp), combine, arrange, sort, satisfice, associate the cards?

— Yes. The vector of understanding can be seen and understood as driven by our autopoiesis, informed by our anticipatory systems and guided by our ability to wisely wield what we have intelligently apprehended.

Draw two cards. Add your own insight in the intersect between the cards. Engage in metalogue, a relational meaning-making, with the other players. Turn the insights actionable.

[spheroid spiral diagram here]

The center is autopoiesis; the arcs, circles, cycles, spirals, spheroid spirals and hopf fibrations around the centers are semiosis, mimesis and poiesis; the generative review is intelligence turned ability; the generative space is small group genius in a context of requisite variety; the process is conversations that mind, homestead, cultivate and steward; the media is augmentation, assemblage and allocation; the network is circles of concern, influence, confluence, consilience and considered, considerate and convivial conversations; the path traversal is joint sauntering along chreods guided by panarchy; the trimtabs are practical wisdom; the preferable outcome is one trillion trees, one million villages, one thousand eco-cities and seven generations.

Understanding Method Cards

how: generative sequences
attention > situational awareness > will > flow > intelligence > ability (ANW) > behavior > feedback > agency > synkinaesthesia > planet

how: story and data; data and story

how: generative centers of seven-generation futures, sufficiently distributed and distributing

how, deep-dive: patterns of relationship, interaction, play and play^n
(see below for Play^n, Game^n and Win^n)

how: small group genius holding generative space between situational awareness and preferable outcomes

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Card: Trust

connect, talk,
like, know and

Card: Scaffolding

data, information,
integral biomathics,
knowledge and
practical wisdom

How To Play
Cards considered in light of questions.

  1. Gather small group genius around a great idea and a generative (exam) question
  2. Draw and consider cards in light of the question and related questions (participatory inquiry)
  3. Configure your instance of a social machine (conversation, interaction and transaction)
  4. Access, achieve and archive: Cards catalyzing, coordinating and capturing stories
  5. Package, share and distribute

Conversations that Mind, Homestead, Cultivate and Steward

Informal Conversations f(small group genius); Knowledge Creation f(interaction); Value Co-Creation f(transactions)

Extending our social sense of self online, engaging in conversations that mind, homestead, cultivate, steward and matter.

Engaging in a conversation is such a common pattern we often overlook its importance and treat it as a given. It is not at all a “natural” thing to do even in a f2f context and in a digital environment it remains only partially the same, while acquiring whole new dimensions.

The Shu Ha Ri of our Virtuereal Minds; Signal Processing

  1. Play^n: Cards catalyzing stories; access
  2. Game^n: Cards coordinating stories; achieve
  3. Win^n: Cards capturing stories; archive

Card: Practical Wisdom

Holding generative space,
cultivating and stewarding
a requisite variety of paths
between situational awareness
and preferable outcomes.

Card: Preferable Outcomes

One trillion trees.
One million villages.
One thousand eco-cities.
Seven generations.

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.