In a network, the best place to store knowledge is in other people.

Card Sessions

In case you meet people and they are trying to discourage your efforts, your efforts in service to a future for humanity, seven generations to come (however size and nature of your individual, unique contribution) remember this:

  • one trillion trees
  • one million villages

In a network, we play^n to win^n.*

Cards forming part of different Social Machines

Card sessions facilitating insight. Games, patterns of play and places, providing an interactive interface between human play and social machine designs, in service to knowledge creation.

Cards considered in light of questions, helping you reframe things.
Decks with around 400 cards, and large finite set pattern languages, facilitating both play and social computing, forming part of a different
social machine.

Card: Insight
A catalytic, clear, meaningful, generative, comprehensive, perspective-
shifting and profound perception into behavior and understanding.

Card Session: How To Play

  1. Gather a small group around a great question.
  2. Consider cards in…

outline of parts

In this example, I’m going through the Synkinaesthesia card, outlining its constituent parts.

Card: Synkinaesthesia

Mind evolving, with our thoughts and felts turning increasingly proprioceptive, with phronesis guiding our performance, virtues turned paths, lines of emergent, unfolding, cultivating, extending and evolving participatory inquiry, with life and signs, co-extensive, inviting and co-arising: embracing, enacting and stewarding the dialogical nature of the pervasive thinking, feeling, gathering and enacting of being, in service to the immanent and regenerative co-agency of evolution.

The hypothesis is in the first two words:

“Mind evolving,…”

Mind Evolving
As a text turned Card, this is me playing the Intelligence…

Cards considered in light of questions


- John, what are you doing?
- Cards. I’m doing Cards.

- But all that stuff you’re sharing in Conversations that Mind and Matter, in facebook, what’s that all about?
- MMMMOSPG. I’m inviting others to a massively multiplayer, multi-parallell, multi-order cybernetics online signal processing game.

It’s like a MMORPG, but different.

Card: Understanding

What if understanding is our ability
to hold space for the possibility of
knowledge, as it emerges, unfolds,
directs and discloses its relevance to
unexplored aspects of things known?

What’s on Netflix?

In a network, the best way to see ourselves through
the Waste Land, is game^n together with others.

How To Play

  1. Gathering
    Gathering around an Exam Question.
  2. Information Processing
    Divergence until large enough hybrid problem/possibility-space.
  3. Consider
    Consider Cards in light of Questions, exam question and related questions.
  4. Magic
    Small Group Genius Magic; Emergence: Insights.
  5. Annotations
    Sorting through all the stuff from our insights from the preceding stages, rendering them actionable.
  6. Signal Processing
    Convergence. Ideas growing legs and going places.
  7. Generative Closure
    Preferable Outcome Management. What investment? What impact? What outcomes, in service to what people, planet and seven generations?


Lab: How People Think

In a network: Shu Ha Ri.

How are we for time? What comes next? Well, what do you think?
Is what we are currently doing working? Are we getting there?

Shu: How Nature Works
School of Hard Knocks, or, as Hobbes saw it: Nasty, Brutish and Short.
Like care and financial aid to plebs during the Covid-19 event.
Biosemiosis furthers?

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference
between how nature works and the way people think.”
— Gregory Bateson

Ha: How People Think
Quiet desperation: Users, temporarily embarrassed millionaires, anxiously, feverishly following any which kind…

In a network: synthesis, selfhood, service, story, social learning, holding generative space for human becoming.

If you participate in a network, really participate, you will notice that there’s always too much stuff, too much going on.

Pronoid Universe Nudges

This is the Pronoid Universe nudging you towards leveling up your synthesis game.

It’s a ride. Enjoy.

Select some choice alien artifacts, and what few trusted heuristics that might work, along your desire lines, attending to the odd roadside picnic.

Is There A Stopping Rule?

How would you know you’ve done a necessary and sufficient amount of synthesis — is there a stopping rule?


The moment you sense your particular synthesis, what insights you’ve distilled, is annealing your essential character, not only your…

Societal innovation in a context of play and play^n.

Societal Innovation: Structures
Societal innovation in a context of people, tribes, institutions, markets, networks, actants and individuals wisely wielding evolutionary agency.

Societal Innovation: Processes
Societal innovation in a context of collaboration, cooperation, coordination and community, in service to ecologies and seven generations.

Flow = Process x Structure

“=” : Living Systems and Systems Intelligence

“x” : Patterning, patterns of play, interaction, play^n and relationship

Societal Innovation: Stewardship
Societal innovation in a context of

  • attention turned situational awareness
  • will turned flow
  • a requisite variety of paths co-extending, unfolding and co-evolving with transition pathways
  • intelligence turned ability turned stewardship at scope, scene, scenius and scale
  • behavior turned…

We play^n in order to win^n.

Structure Capital:
Card Decks are frames

Process Capital:
Card Sessions
Cards considered in light of questions.
A gameful way to help you reframe things.

Flow = Structure x Process

It always begins in the middle of things. You thinking, how am I going to do this — and then, you invite magic by entertaining slow and instantaneous thoughts(the spontaneous precision of intuition) at the same time. Soon thereafter, an insight. Yes, jot it down, scribble at the margin ->

Card: Insight
A catalytic, clear, meaningful, generative, comprehensive, perspective-shifting and profound perception into behavior and understanding.

— Ok, that was the…

How nature thinks and how people work.

Card Sessions: How nature, our thinking?

Reframing Things: Ecology and Society

Code, people, nature and understanding.

Four sides to a gameboard: Play

Nature, people, understanding and code, what combinations of all four can be seen and understood as homesteading operational context, and how generative sequences can help perform structure-preserving transformation, in a context of both contextual intelligence (emergent vectors) and conversational intelligence (flow and momentum).

Small Group Genius

The game engine underneath, how we operate the social machine, our tacit individual, small group genius and collective understanding, as a function of

Behavior, attention, will and intelligence.

Four dimensions to a center Bagua, around which we gather, play, make our moves and move between situational awareness…

John Kellden

Cards catalyzing stories, Conversations that mind and matter, Digital communities & immersive productions.

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